10+ Of The Funniest Reasons Why Haters Don’t Like MONSTA X Songs, According To Monbebe

“Maybe you don’t have charisma.”

It’s truly beyond us why some people wouldn’t like MONSTA X‘s music, but it seems as though their fans have a good explanation. Via sassy tweets, here are some fans’ hilarious reasons why haters wouldn’t like some of their songs.

| @Official_MX_jp/Twitter

1. This one kind of sounds like a backhanded compliment…

2. In the words of MONSTA X, “it’s time to wake up”…

3. Some people have just never experienced their tree being shook.

4. You’ve got to take that back (back back).

5. Does “Someone’s Someone” count as somebody else?

6. Alternatively, if you don’t like “Hero,” maybe MONSTA X don’t want to be your man…

7. You’ve got to keep your eyes open!

8. “So tell me now, who’s hot and who’s not?”

9. It’s just that simple.

10. People who don’t like “Trespass” get a double dose.

11. Maybe they didn’t get the Monbebe phone call. What a shame.


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