Here Are 10+ Of The Funniest “Single’s Inferno” Memes

No new episodes, but we got memes at least.

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Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno may have come to an end…

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

The jokes and memes inspired by the show, however, keep it going. So, here are 10+ of the funniest Single’s Inferno memes created by fans…

1. “Let’s go, puppy!”

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

2. Guaranteed hangover the next day

| William Zhang via subtle asian traits/Facebook

3. “I gotta put me first! I gotta put me first, Luscious!” 

4. Maybe there’s hope for 2022 after all.

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

5. This ain’t no “rated PG” stuff…

6. Our villain origin story:

7. And, this is why we have trust issues…

8. Se Hoon motivational speaker by day, chef by night

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

9. Our heart stopped!

10. These might be words to live by, to be fair.

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

11. You know they had more than just words when they got off that island.

12. We switched up…

What about it?

13. Bet he never stopped talking about it to his homies.

14. Justice for Min Ji and Su Min!

15. There’s always that one friend.

16. Single’s Inferno summed up:

Source: subtle asian traits

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