Here’s 40+ Of The Funniest “Taechwita” Memes From BTS 2021 Muster “Sowoozoo”

We can’t escape “Taechwita,” and we don’t want to. 😂

BTS recently concluded their 8th-anniversary celebration, FESTA, with a two-day concert event, 2021 Muster Sowoozoo.

There were many funny moments from the event, but perhaps what really stole the show was the OT7 performance of Agust D‘s “Daechwita.” There is one moment from the performance, in particular, that has long-lasted since.


At one point, V, dressed up in costume, is tied up and seemingly executed by RM. Being the talented actor he is, his pose and facial expression captivated ARMYs’ attention, and they’ve been unable to get over it ever since.


This moment instantly became a meme appropriately referred to as “Taechwita.” Now, it has grown into a phenomenon as they continue to create edits from this scene, filling each other’s timelines with various memes.

Here are 40+ of the funniest “Taechwita” memes that you will want to add to your meme folder:

1. Anytime there’s a BTS comeback

2. The BTS Meal at McDonald’s

3. Captain Kim Taehyung

4. When you just want a sneak peek

5. School be like…

6. Going shopping with Mom…

7. Remember when V was on Spongebob Squarepants?

8. When you finally invite your non-K-Pop stan friends over…

9. TATA and RJ joined the trend

10. When ARMYs clowned Scooter Braun and The Kid Laroi

11. V joining BTS’s rap line officially when?

12. Innocentally “exploring” the new HYBE building…

13. Memeception

14. If V was really in the “Daechwita” MV

15. Trying to eat at a restaurant with your picky friend…

16. 🎶You are the cause of my Euphoriaaaaa!🎶

17. Going to the doctor as an adult

18. When you realize living in Korea is nothing like a K-Drama…

19. Whenever I’m forced to talk to my relatives

20. V attempting stand-up comedy

21. I knew something seemed familiar…

22. 🎶Crazy for myself🎶

23. Where’s Taechwita?

24. When my album finally arrives…

25. Staring back at me…

26. Remember when Taechwita was in these BTS music videos?

27. Going on Twitter for the first time…

28. 2 bros in a hot tub, 5 feet apart…

29. Trying to get a midnight snack

30. Get that tea

31. Lean on me…

32. V’s office

33. 🎶Take me to the sky…🎶

34. We finally figured out what the polaroid in Jin’s phone is

35. World traveler

36. Interrogation

37. He’s a catch

38. My world revolves around Taechwita

39. As TWICE once said, “I’m drunk in you.”

40. We can’t escape, and we don’t want to

Source: VENEWLIVE and Image (1) and (2)

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