9+ Funniest Tweet Reactions To GOT7 BamBam’s April Fools’ World Tour Announcement

BamBam has announced his first solo world tour… but he posted on April Fools’ Day. 😜

Our theory was correct. BAMBAM Money City: World Tour 2021 was an April Fools’ Day prank.

GOT7‘s BamBam posted a video on his social media, announcing his World Tour for 2021.

BamBam has recently joined Abyss Company since departing from JYP Entertainment. From the post, he claims that BAMBAM Money City: World Tour 2021 is coming soon.

Fans were shocked initially by the announcement. Some were just straight-up confused. Others, on the other hand, quickly realized that something was not right. For one thing, he announced it on April Fools’ Day.

Here are 9+ of the funniest tweet reactions to BamBam’s world tour announcement:

1. A visual representation of all of us when we first saw BamBam’s post

2. When you realize he doesn’t even have a solo album yet…

3. Trying to rationalize the idea of BamBam going on a tour

4. Anything for BamBam

5. BamBam’s next vlog be like…

6. Quit playing games with our hearts, BamBam!

7. Some fans knew things were fishy from the start when they noticed his company’s logo looked different

8. After a while, once you finally accept you won’t be able to see BamBam in concert, it becomes kind of funny 😭

9. BamBam is the greatest period

While we would all like for BamBam to go on a world tour, we also know the man is not one to be trusted. He funny, though. 😆 BamBam updated several hours later, confirming theories that the world tour announcement was, in fact, an April Fools’ Day prank.

After posting the update, he pinned an Ahgase’s tweet calling him out for his prank. It’s all in good fun. 😉 We still love you, BamBam.

Source: @BamBam1A and loanne