Here Are 30+ Of The Funniest Tweets Straight From ARMY Twitter That You Need To See

What’s your favorite ARMY inside joke from Twitter?

There’s no place like… Twitter?

Once you’re inducted into the BTS fandom, ARMY, you got to get on Twitter if you haven’t yet. It’s filled with not only the latest updates regarding the group but memes and inside jokes. Still, depending on when you joined, you may have missed some. So, recently, @minglossx tweeted, asking ARMYs to quote-tweet with funny tweets.

So, here are 30+ of the funniest tweets found on BTS stan Twitter that only a true ARMY would appreciate…

1. Stan TAN


2. Tears are dry.

3. You can’t pull anything over them…

4. Suga is never beating the grandpa allegations.

5. Dispatch tweets are a whole other genre.

6. We’re called ARMY for a reason.

7. Apple never helped RM, and that’s why we are loyal to Samsung.

8. One for the history books

9. Bookmarking is a serious feature.

10. BTS In the SOOP, we miss you.

11. Okay, but what about something that cools things as fast as a microwave heats something?

12. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

13. Weverse translations are on something else.

14. When you blur fanfiction with reality…

15. We’ll be waving our pride flag too!

16. There’s no other place like it.

17. Still waiting for V to rock this hairstyle, though.

18. You would do it too.

19. Sometimes, tweets may have absolutely nothing to do with BTS, yet…

20. This surprising family relation.

21. As long as you’re not blocked by BTS.

22. And now, they’re labelmates.

23. Thank you, Jimin, you’re so giving.

24. We always read this tweet in V’s voice.

25. That’s so… 2 hours ago.

26. BTS are relatable AF except for…

27. Jungkook is Spongebob?

28. It lives in our brain rent-free.

29. This meme is too real.

30. Jimin is always the answer.

31. RM is so sincere.

32. Having to clarify whether you were or weren’t in jail

33. The original “Ami, delete.”

34. OG ARMYs would remember…

35. HYBE ghost lore

36. We are professional clowns

37. Jin invented “Epiphany.”

38. Samsung is so caring

39. The gift is… being a member of ARMY

40. The ARMY is unstoppable

Source: @minglossx

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