4 Game-Changing Makeup Tips From LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin That She Never Forgets To Do

#3 makes a huge difference.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin wowed fans with her quick everyday makeup a few months ago, and she’s back with another one! This time, she showed a completely different look and dished out several tips along the way.

In no particular order, here are four signature tips from Yunjin that may just change your own routine.

1. Base Makeup

First, she applied a cushion foundation to her face. She recommended blending it well. It may sound simple, but it makes a world of difference!

We’ll start with the base. I think we’ll take a lot of pictures together, which we haven’t done in a while. I think we’ll also take Purikura. For the base, I’m going to apply this color. It’s just the color I like. You need to blend it well. I love it already!

— Yunjin

2. Eyeshadow

Next, she applied eyeshadow, and she used a palette from WAKEMAKE. She mixed colors together to get just the right shade for her, then she shook off the excess powder. Afterwards, she took some of the dark brown shade on another brush and drew a natural line.

When I hold it up like this I think I like this color… I’ll mix it. YUNJIN, you can mix them. Right? After shaking it off. On the edge here just a bit with a dark color for a natural eye line feel. Smudge with your finger. How does it look? Doesn’t it look natural?

— Yunjin

3. Eyeliner

She then used her nail to sharpen the shadow. One tip she gave was to have long nails, which would make it easier to draw a straight line. The liner may be subtle, but it makes a huge difference.

This is really easy to do if I have long nails. If I have long nails I can use my pinky and draw a line to complete a neat line. It’s a great tip.

— Yunjin

4. Lipstick

Last but not the least, Yunjin shared her “signature move,” and it’s something she always does—overlining her lips! She took a liner and lightly touched up the corners of her mouth. She overlined her upper lip, lower lip, the tops, and the ends. Lastly, she blended the outline with the liner.

There’s a signature move I never forget to do. I lightly put this on but this is a great tip. Overlining my lips is so important to me but there’s a difference. Draw in the corners of your mouth like this then even if you don’t draw the liner all the way here, you can give off that effect. I think I’m sharing tips that are such a secret but since it’s for FEARNOT! Let’s overline our lips together. Do the upper lip like this lightly, then after getting the outline down, draw the lower lip lightly. Then apply on the top and the ends. Apply like this. I’ve blended the outline a bit with the liner.

— Yunjin

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