Get Ready For Halloween With These 5 Perfectly Executed Spooky Concepts

From Red Velvet to ENHYPEN, these tracks are definitely eerie.

As the witching hour approaches and the crescent moon hangs low in the sky, music fans worldwide are getting ready to celebrate Halloween with some eerie and spellbinding tracks. Whether you’re preparing to attend a ghostly gala or planning a haunting house party, these K-Pop tracks are bound to set the right chilling mood.


1. Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s “Monster”

Though it was released far from the month of October — the duo boldly debuted in July with this daring concept but nevertheless saw immense success — Irene and Seulgi’s unit debut is the perfect soundtrack to a K-Pop fan’s Halloween. Driven by a seductive bass line that evokes the dark corners of the night, this song is a testament to the allure of embracing one’s inner darkness. The unit crafted a tune that’s both hypnotic and thrilling, ensuring that every beat mirrors a heartbeat racing in fear or excitement.

2. NCT 127’s “Vampire”

Released close to the eerie festivity on October 25, “Vampire” paints a haunting picture of love and longing. While the tune in itself is enthralling, the music video transports you to a nocturnal universe. Amidst gothic visuals and chilling sequences, NCT 127’s transformation into the world of the undead is seamless and adds to the eerie festivity.

3. ENHYPEN’s “Given-Taken”

Delving deep into the realms of the unknown and the mystical, ‘Given-Taken’ is a sonic masterpiece. The track not only musically but also visually captures the essence of transformation and the ambiguous line between dreams and reality. With vocals as sharp as a vampire’s fangs, the ENHYPEN members’ portrayal of supernatural entities is as entrancing as it is haunting.

4. Kang Daniel’s “Paranoia”

A song that embodies the creeping sensation of being watched or followed, “Paranoia” taps into our deepest fears. Its pulsating rhythm and mysterious beats resonate with the unsettling feeling of unknown threats lurking in the shadows. And if that’s not enough, the music video offers a visual feast that’s equal parts haunting and mesmerizing, highlighting Kang Daniel’s unparalleled aesthetic.

5. PURPLE KISS’ “Zombie”

Breathing new life into the age-old undead narrative, PURPLE KISS infuses a playful element into the traditionally spine-chilling theme. The tune, laden with catchy hooks and an infectious chorus, can effortlessly transform any Halloween gathering into a dance party. As the title suggests, “Zombie” pays homage to the living dead but with a delightful twist, proving that not all Halloween anthems need to be somber.

Incorporating these tracks into your Halloween playlist will ensure an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience. Each song offers a unique flavor of eeriness, mystique, and rhythm. So, as you don your costumes and prepare for a night of spooky revelry, let these K-Pop masterpieces be the soundtrack to your supernatural celebrations. Happy Haunting!