Get Ready To Stan: 5 K-Pop Girl Groups Debuting This Year

Looking for a new girl group to stan? Check out these 5 groups expected to debut this year.

2019 was a great year for rookie K-Pop girl groups as ITZYCherry BulletEverglow, Hinapia, Ariaz, Rocket Punch, and Purplebeck all debuted. And with so many new groups on the horizon this year, 2020 could be even better. Here are 5 of the girl groups expected to take the stage over the next 12 months.



One girl group that’s already confirmed to debut this year is J9Entertainment’s CIGNATURE, who will drop their first single “Nun Nu Nan Na” on February 3.

The group has 7 members. The vocal line is made up of Chaesol, Jeewon, Yeah, and Seline; the dance line members are Sunn, Belle, and Semi.

As you may have guessed by the name, CIGNATURE will be a sister group to CIX, managed by the same company. The name represents their vow to become a “signature group in the music industry”.

Jeewon was a contestant on survival show The Unit, where she ranked #11.


Maknae Semi once trained at JYP Entertainment, where she became close with ITZY’s Chaeryeong among others.


Meanwhile, Belle is one of the few idols with Filipino heritage: her mother is Filipino and her father is Korean. She also participated in The Unit, where she ranked 24th.



2. Dream Tree

Known as Ggumnamu in Korean, Dream Tree is WM Entertainment’s upcoming 6-member girl group.

Dream Tree’s former lineup.

As of right now, the group consists of lead dancer Hyunseo, lead vocalist Seunghyun, lead dancer Yeongin, main dancer Chaewon, and maknae Jowoon. The 6th member is one idol you may already know well: IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon.

IZ*ONE will not disband until 2021, but a tweet from Dream Tree’s official account on January 9 indicated that the group will begin its activities this year.

As such, it’s still unclear whether WM Entertainment intends to add Chaeyeon to the group when she returns, or whether she’ll be debuted as a soloist instead. If Chaeyeon does promote with Dream Tree, she will most likely be the group’s leader, face, main dancer, and lead vocalist.

Members Seunghyun and Yeongin also participated in Produce 48 alongside Chaeyeon, ranking #73 and #84 respectively.

Dream Tree’s Seunghyun (left) and Yeongin (right)


3. SM Rookies

Dubbed SM New Girl Group or SMNGG by predebut fans, the SM Rookies girls are already confirmed to make their debut this year. However, the lineup of the group is still unclear. It is expected that the remaining members of SM Rookies—vocalists Koeun and Ningning, dancer Hina, and visual Lami—will all join the group. But, many people speculate that other ‘hidden’ members will be included, just like how Joy debuted with Red Velvet despite not being an official SM Rookies member.

SM Rookies members appearing in the music video for Red Velvet’s “Happiness”.

Koeun appeared in the music video for Super Junior Yesung’s “Paper Umbrella”.

SM Rookies’ Koeun

Hina will be one of SM Entertainment’s few Japanese idols. She specialises in hip hop dancing and starred on Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club.

SM Rookies’ Hina

Chinese member Ningning is known to be a fan of several groups, including BLACKPINK and NCT. Her bias in BLACKPINK is Jennie, and she once said that NCT’s Renjun is attractive. Recently, a Chinese singer released a video of Ningning’s charming vocals.

Lami’s specialty is acting. Alongside appearing on Mickey Mouse Club, she has also acted in several dramas and modelled in CFs. Of all the current SM Rookies members, Lami was the first to be introduced back in 2013.

SM Rookies’ Lami

Other rumoured members include Yoo Jimin and Lee Helen.


4. Banana Culture Girls (Newkid)

Known by the temporary name of Newkid, this group will debut under Banana Culture—the same label as EXID. The group is made up of main vocal and visual Nayoung, lead vocal and leader Songsun, main rapper Hyunbin, and main dancer Maika.

Nayoung was a contestant on Produce 48, placing #21 overall.

Newkid’s Nayoung

Newkid has a youtube channel where the members feature in numerous song and dance covers. Their debut date has not yet been confirmed, but many believe it may be as soon as this year.


5. RBW Girls

MAMAMOO’s label, RBW, also has another girl group in the works. RBW Girls is made up of leader and main dancer Yesol, lead vocalist Jieun, main vocalist Goeun, main rapper Eunseong, main vocalist Yuki, and lead dancer Sujin. Their debut date is also yet to be revealed, but there’s every chance the girls could take the stage this year.

This is another predebut group with several members who have participated in survival shows before. Yesol and Eunseong were contestants on MIXNINE, ranking #82 and #78.

RBW Girls’ Yesol (left) and Eunseong (right)

Jieun and Goeun were both on on Produce 48, ranking #80 and #29.

RBW Girls’ Jieun (left) and Goeun (right)

Yuki trained under JYP Entertainment for a year and a half before joining RBW.

RBW Girls’ Yuki

Between them, the group can speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English, which will help them out a lot if they intend to promote worldwide.