These Are The (Uneven) Line Distributions For All 20 Songs GFRIEND Released In 2020

The member with the most lines has twice as many as the member with the least.

In 2020, GFRIEND released three albums in their  series: 回:LABYRINTH, 回:Song of the Sirens, and 回:Walpurgis Night. In total, they released 20 songs between these albums, with the third containing 11 tracks total but three repeats — “Apple”, “Crossroads”, and “Labyrinth” — from the other albums.

They had their best-selling year ever as well, with nearly 250k total album sales between the three albums. With their popularity growing steadily, it may be interesting to take a look and see if the members are getting an equal amount of lines or if the distributions have changed over time.

Here are the line distributions for all 20 songs that GFRIEND released in 2020, along with album totals and the overall total percentage of lines that each member had.


1. “Labyrinth”

2. “Crossroads”

3. “Here We Are”

4. “Eclipse”

5. “Dreamcatcher”

6. “From Me”

Album Total:

Most lines: Eunha (24.5%)

2nd: Yuju (22%)

3rd: Umji (14.8%)

4th: SinB (14.7%)

5th: Yerin (13.6%)

6th: Sowon (10.5%)

回:Song of the Sirens

1. “Apple”

2. “Eye of the Storm”

3. “Room of Mirrors”

4. “Tarot Cards”

5. “Crème Brûlée”

6. “Stairs in the North”

Album Total:

Most lines: Yuju (23%)

2nd: Eunha (22.8%)

3rd: SinB (15.8%)

4th: Yerin (14%)

5th: Umji (13.3%)

6th: Sowon (11.1%)

回:Walpurgis Night

1. “MAGO”

2. “Love Spell”

3. “Three of Cups”

4. “GRWM”

5. “Secret Diary”

6. “Better Me”

7. “Night Drive”

8. “Wheel of the Year”

Album Total:

Most lines: Yuju (20%)

2nd: Eunha (19.9%)

3rd: SinB (16.2%)

4th: Umji (16.1%)

5th: Sowon (16.1%)

6th: Yerin (14.9%)

Overall Total:

Most lines: Eunha (lead vocalist): 22.4%

2nd: Yuju (main vocalist): 21.7%

3rd: SinB (main dancer, vocalist, center): 15.6%

4th: Umji (vocalist, maknae): 14.7%

5th: Yerin (lead dancer, vocalist, center, face of the group): 14.2%

6th: Sowon (leader, vocalist, visual): 11.5%