15 Times (G)I-DLE’s Soojin Totally Owned The Color Red

She always finds a way to add red to her look!

Pretty much every Neverland knows that (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin exudes a sensual and fierce style. Most of her sultry image derives from her iconic red lipstick and outfits! The color red has definitely become one of her biggest trademarks and fans never get tired of seeing her in it.

Here are 15 times Soojin totally owned the color red

1. Soojin’s iconic red lips

No matter where she is, no matter what she’s wearing, Soojin can always rock red lipstick!

2. Red Queen!

I think is literally when she claimed her title as the queen of red!

3. Red, Red, Red!!!

Red dress, red lips, red nails! It’s never too much on Soojin!

4. Soojin’s fierce hairdo!

Have you seen Soojin with her red hair? Absolutely gorgeous!

5. Hot girl Soojin

Soojin is definitely a “hot girl” with that hot red beret!

6. Her red stage dress is flawless

Literally, nothing beats Soojin in this red dress!

7. Soojin’s baby red lips!

Even as a little girl, Soojin was owning the red lipstick look.

8. Her little red dots!

The little red details in her eye makeup are so adorable!

9. Her headband!

Are you loving her red headband as much as I am? So cute!

10. Hints of red

Even in an all-black outfit, Soojin always adds a splash of red somewhere!

11. Soojin’s sparkling bright!

Soojin always shines bright but that sparkly red top is adding an extra glow!

12. Soojin’s lovely bare face with a bright red lip!

Even with minimal eye makeup, Soojin looks beautiful with a bright red lip color!

13. She’s fabulous in her puffy deep red jacket

She looks like a movie star!

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

14. Her nails!

Her long nails match her bold red lip!

15. Her puffy red dress is everything!

She looks like a literal red rose!


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