7 Random Facts About (G)I-DLE’s Rap Queen Soyeon That Everyone Should Know

She’s easily one of the most promising idols of the 4th generation of K-Pop.

(G)I-DLE is quickly becoming one of the most popular girl groups of the 4th generation of K-Pop, and of the music genre as a whole. Leader Soyeon has already earned herself a huge fandom, and for good reason! Besides being leader, she’s also the main rapper, sub-vocalist, and center of the group, known for her multi-talented status.

Whether you’re a fan of Soyeon already or not, it’s impossible to deny her skills and performance ability! She also helps with the songwriting, composing, and production of (G)I-DLE’s music, which is refreshing to see for a girl group. Here are 7 facts about the extremely talented female idol.

1. The story behind her name.

Soyeon’s full name is Jeon Soyeon, meaning she does use her real name as her stage name! Her mother named her this for an interesting reason: It was because the name was often used for wealthy characters in K-dramas! She likely hope that it would help Soyeon become successful and wealthy herself.

2. Her desire to perform is hereditary.

Ever since she was young, Soyeon enjoyed dancing and performing. Her father actually dreamed of being a singer when he was younger, so apparently desire for stardom runs in the family’s veins!

3. She’s a big comic fan.

Soyeon used to spend a lot of her time reading comics, and was especially into One Piece. Because of this influence, she actually also dreamed of being a pirate king! Her inspirations from reading comics have helped her become a great songwriter as well.

4. Her inspiration for becoming an idol.

Soyeon’s focus was on ballet dancing for a while when she was young. However, she became introduced to BIGBANG’s performances and decided afterwards that she wanted to become a singer. She even went to 20-30 auditions without telling anyone!

5. Her time at Cube Entertainment was difficult.

While she sadly failed many auditions, she did finally join Cube Entertainment in 2014 after passing due to her dance skills. However, she wasn’t treated particularly well, and was even called a “pre-trainee” rather than a trainee. Even though the company was planning on debuting a girl group at the time, it was too cutesy for Soyeon’s style, so she had to continue being a “pre-trainee” for a while. Fortunately she did finally get to become a trainee, and actually began to thrive and earn recognition after that!

6. She dealt with insecurities about her looks.

Even while she started becoming well-known for her talents, Soyeon, sadly, was criticized for her appearance when she was still a trainee and during her time on Produce 101. Due to this, she started feeling less confident about herself, and wondered if she wasn’t idol material because she wasn’t as “pretty” as some others. Fortunately, her incredible talent kept her going and allowed her to be successful regardless of malicious comments!

7. She’s had really cute inspiration material.

Even though Soyeon is known for being a bad-a** rapper and songwriter, some of her inspirations are somewhat surprising! For her solo song “Jelly”, she was inspired by a cartoon called Jellabies, and it was actually Spongebob that inspired her to write “Idle Song”, which helped to give (G)I-DLE it’s name!

Hopefully you learned a little more about this talented (G)I-DLE member!

Source: YouTube