Here’s Why All (G)I-DLE Members Are Visuals In Their Own Right

They’re all 10/10!

(G)I-DLE is a girl group well-known for their beauty, and for good reason too. From elegant to chic, the members each have different types of beauty that appeal to all fans. You’ll definitely find a member (or more!) to stan.

Read on to see why each (G)I-DLE member is an absolute visual!

1. Yuqi

First up is one of the most lovable members of the group, Yuqi! She has one of the cutest visuals in K-Pop.

Her button nose and small lips make her seem like a human bunny.

She’s ready to steal your heart with her kind and gentle appearance.

2. Miyeon

Miyeon, meanwhile, is well-known for her elegant visuals.

She actually looks like an angel whenever she wears white.

Many people are left breathless when they take even one look at her.

3. Shuhua

The official visual of the group, Shuhua practically radiates class.

Her outstanding beauty is hard to miss, even in the beauty-filled K-Pop entertainment industry.

She’s the type who will always leave you in awe!

4. Minnie

Next up, Minnie is the definition of lovely.

She always has pure and fresh visuals that make it hard to turn away from her.

How adorable is she?

5. Soojin

Soojin may have an adorable personality in real life…

…but she’s known for being the definition of “sexy vixen” when on stage.

Red lips and heavy eyeshadow were made for her!

6. Soyeon

Finally, Soyeon definitely gives off girl crush vibes.

Her charisma matches her image as one of the best rappers in K-Pop.

She can easily mesmerize you with how cool she appears to be.

When it comes to visuals, everyone in (G)I-DLE is absolutely gorgeous!

| @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

Source: Instiz