(G)I-DLE Soojin’s 8 Dainty Tattoos Will Inspire You To Finally Get One

They’re SO pretty!

If you’re a fan of girl group (G)I-DLE, you may know that Soojin has several tattoos on her body, and they’re all so cute!

With their dainty and pretty designs, they can definitely serve as inspiration for your next tattoo. Check them out below!

1. 1849

“1849” is the ID number Soojin shared with her mom.

2. Cloud

This cloud tattoo on her ring finger was her first tattoo, so it has already began fading.

3. Heart

This is a friendship tattoo Soojin got with her friend. She has also stated in the past that this is the tattoo she likes the most and finds the cutest.

4. Cross

This cross tattoo can be best seen when Soojin wears off-shoulder clothes or tank tops.

5. Self Love Is The Best Love

Soojin’s “self love is the best love” tattoo is clearly seen on her left arm.

6. Blue

This “BLUE” tattoo can be spotted in (G)I-DLE’s “Lion” music video.

7. Moon and Sun

Soojin’s moon and sun tattoos were drawn on her right rib cage.

8. Cherry

Last, this cherry tattoo is one that is rarely seen, but some fans have said it is color red like an actual cherry.

Source: Nate