Gifs Of BTS Members Shining And Slaying At Center For “ON”

Each member is center material.

BTS has recently made their comeback with their album Map Of The Soul: 7. Their title track “ON” is a huge success and the choreography of the song is remarkable as well. The BTS members were given some time at the center for dance portions and absolutely killed it when given the chance.

1. Jimin

Jimin letting loose and probably making fans scream.

Jimin leading a part of the dance break.

2. Jungkook

Jungkook leading the chorus.

Jungkook and his solo vocal explosion.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope leading the choreography during his part.

J-Hope leading his part of the dance break.

4. V

showing he’s a proud member of the dance line.

V leading the choreography near its end.

5. Suga

Suga leading a part of the dance break.

Suga showing charisma during his rap.

6. Jin

Jin leading during part of the chorus.

Jin shining as the center near the end.

7. RM

RM never got to be the center during the main choreography, but still killed it when he was the center during his rap.