Here Are 15+ Gifs Of BTS’s V Proving He Is Indeed “CGV”

Imagine being so good-looking people don’t think you’re real?

BTS‘s V is known for many things – his song writing talent, his lulling baritone voice, his cute pup Yeontan, his photography skills, and of course his face.

| V/Weverse

V’s perfect visuals have coined him the nickname “CGV” from ARMYs. His visuals are so good that it’s almost like he was made as a CG. Not only that, but V’s said that he only ever needs one take for a selfie.

We’ve provided some gifs from @vantegifs to help you visualize.



Even in a hoodie, he’s good looking!


He can dress up or down and still looks good.







We almost didn’t notice how good his fit was because of his face.



Can’t leave out V in red.

If that didn’t have you all like this we don’t know what will!

Check out more of V’s visuals below.

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