Red Velvet Joy’s Nickname Is “Miss Sexy Dynamite”, Here’s Why

Being sexy for “Miss Sexy Dynamite” is as easy as breathing.

Red Velvet‘s Joy has had quite a few nicknames in the past – hot Joy, cutie-sexy, Doongdoongie, and cute Joy – but a recent episode of Idol Room reminded viewers of another nickname.

The members were challenged to see who was the best “Havana” dancer, since Irene and Joy and Seulgi have danced to the hit Camila Cabello song in the past. Joy won the “crown” with her performance (being called Jo-vana) and the caption read: “Sexy Dynamite finally explodes!

Joy’s nickname “Miss Sexy Dynamite” was given to her by the producing director of the Bad Boy MV – and it’s the perfect name. Here are some simple gifs of her in all states – dancing on stage, standing in front of the cameras, laughing and just breathing – to show how well she lives up to the name!


1. Dancing on stage


2. Flipping her hair back


3. Just standing in front of the cameras


4. Dancing together with her fellow members


5. Walking towards the camera


6. Blowing a kiss


7. Responding angrily during an SNL skit


8. Dancing with a smile


9. Walking up to accept an award


10. Dancing cutely


11. Slurping noodles


12. Looking sad


13. Posing for the cameras


14. Laughing in shock


15. Spinning around in her chair


16. Answering her phone


17.  Clapping


18. Posing during a photoshoot


19. Walking down the street


20. And of course, dancing sexily