Girl Group Choreography GIFs From 20 Dances That Fans Find Most Satisfying

There are just so many incredibly satisfying dances out there…

There are nearly endless impressive and entertaining girl group dance choreographies in the K-Pop industry, and a person could spend hours pouring through videos online watching their favorite groups perform. Recently, fans took to a forum to talk about some of the girl group dances they find most satisfying, whether it’s how the members interact, how the formations blend from one to the next, or just how impressive the dance itself is. While this list is highly subjective, here are 20 of the most popular choices for most satisfying dances.

1. TWICE: “Fancy”



2. GFRIEND: “Time for the Moon Night”



3. Dreamcatcher: “Piri”



4. IZ*ONE: “Buenos Aires”



5. 9MUSES: “Hurt Locker”



6. LOONA: “Butterfly”


7. GFRIEND: “Me Gustas Tu”



8. Red Velvet: “Rookie”



9. Girls’ Generation: “Catch Me If You Can”



10. OH MY GIRL: “Closer”



11. Red Velvet: “Bad Boy”



12. CLC: “Black Dress”



13. ITZY: “ICY”



14. Dreamcatcher: “Scream”



15. IZ*ONE: “Fiesta”



16. f(x): “Red Light”



17. Weki Meki: “Dazzle Dazzle”



18. (G)I-DLE: “Lion”



19. Cosmic Girls: “Dreams Come True”



20. Red Velvet: “Be Natural”



Source: Forum