These Disbanded Girl Group Members Are Still Super Close Friends

Their groups may have been disbanded, but these friendships are forever.

Fans are always disappointed to hear the news of their favorite group disbanding, but fans of these former girl group members can take heart to know their friendship will be forever! Although it’s been a while since these girl groups disbanded, they continue to show their love for each other and will always support each other in new ventures.


1. Girls’ Generation

“It’s been a long time since we met. My beautiful sisters.” — Yoona


Even though Girls’ Generation hasn’t officially disbanded, with several members leaving SM Entertainment since 2014, the girls haven’t been able to perform together for a while. That doesn’t stop them from catching up and hanging out whenever they can!

“Soshi is heavier than I thought!” — Sunny

“Soshi’s friendship is forever.” — Yuri


2. Wonder Girls

“You guys who are eternally beautiful.” — Sunye

Wonder Girls debuted in 2007, with Hyerim joining in 2010. Sunye went on hiatus in 2013, leaving the industry entirely in 2014. The group officially disbanded in 2017, with Yeeun leaving JYP Entertainment. But the girls still hang out together, with a partial reunion of Hyerim, Yeeun, and Sunye having happened earlier this year!



“These days are we pretty?” — Hyolyn


SISTAR disbanded in June 2017 after seven years together under Starship Entertainment. The girls are still close and often catch up, showing their strong friendship through cute videos and photos together.


4. Rainbow

“We all gathered!”


Rainbow debuted in 2009 under DSP Media. After several members chose not to renew their contracts, their disbandment was finalised in 2016 following a farewell tour in Southeast Asia. The seven members reunite often to celebrate birthdays and their anniversary.

“Jisook‘s birthday party~ Happy birthday, Sook Sook.” — Seung Ah



“It’s been a while!” — Yezi 

FIESTAR only officially disbanded in May 2018 due to their contract with Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment) expiring, but member Cheska had departed from the group in 2014. Nevertheless, the girls are still close!

Source: Dispatch