Here Are The 3 Girl Groups Netizens Think Are More Popular Overseas Than South Korea

They are dominating the international market!

With K-Pop taking over the world, is it any surprise that certain groups have gained more attention overseas for various reasons? In particular, some are seen to have gained more popularity worldwide compared to South Korea itself.

A Korean netizen on an online forum recently created a post discussing some Korean girl groups that receive more recognition and popularity from fans overseas than in South Korea.

Here is a look at the three girl groups fans think are more popular overseas than in South Korea.

1. Everglow

Debuting in 2019, Everglow has slowly been gaining recognition for their diverse concepts and strong stage presence. Although there is no denying that the group has achieved success, fans have pointed out that their fanbase is more prominent abroad. According to the post’s author, the group always has a high view count after releasing music videos, and many seem to be from outside of South Korea. With their latest comeback, there is no denying that the group is continuing to gain popularity amongst all K-Pop fans.


2. Dreamcatcher

For many fans, Dreamcatcher is one of the most underrated girl groups in K-Pop. With their unique concept and more rock-esque music, they stand out amongst the bright pop songs released. However, despite debuting in 2017, the group has yet to pick up a music show win. Many have seen this as evidence of Dreamcatcher having more fans worldwide as they continue to gain success in several ways. For example, they are the first K-Pop group to perform at the world-famous Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain.

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3. Loona

Although not mentioned by the author, many netizens couldn’t help but think that Loona was another group they thought should be on the list. Many pointed out that Loona is gaining popularity in South Korea but is seen as more popular abroad. Some thought it was due to the unconventional way the members debuted, which involved showcasing sub-units before the main group. Yet, there is no denying that the group’s fandom is growing both domestically and internationally.

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