Girls’ Generation Purposely Exaggerated Their Ending Fairy Poses, And Each One Was Comedy Gold

Sooyoung loves her hair flips!

Girls’ Generation never fails to live up to their legendary status! The SM Entertainment girl group recently held a special stage with their fans in celebration of their 15th anniversary.

Girls’ Generation

In the middle of the fanmeeting, the girls discussed a new trend in K-Pop called “ending fairies” wherein the camera focuses on certain members for several seconds after the music cuts off. This was not the norm in 2015 before they went on an extended hiatus, and they only had group ending shots in their recent “Forever 1” promotions.

When they finally did solo ending fairy shots in the Long Lasting Love Fanmeeting, it was on the comedic end!

Check out each one below!

1. Yuri

First up, Yuri did the tried-and-tested “breathing too hard after a tiring choreography” effect.

2. Tiffany

Tiffany was unique with her Superman pose and accompanying blank stare.

3. Sooyoung

Sooyoung always takes a simple hair turn to the next level.

4. Seohyun

Seohyun did another coy pose with her flying kiss to the camera.

5. Taeyeon

Instead of doing one classic wink, Taeyeon went above and beyond with consecutive blinks.

6. Sunny

Sunny lived up to her stage name with a sweet smile and laugh.

7. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon, contrastingly, pretended to cry. It was unlike any other ending fairy pose!

8. Yoona

Finally, Yoona finished up with an intense stare while combing her hair back.

She also exaggerated her breathing just like Yuri did in the start.

Even in the simplest ways, Girls’ Generation is effortlessly funny!

Source: theqoo

Girls' Generation