Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Debuted In 5 Groups—Here’s All Of Them

Some of these groups deserve a comeback.

Since Girls’ Generation has been in the industry for fifteen years, they’ve had quite a few opportunities to collaborate with other talented idols. In particular, Hyoyeon has been able to debut in five different groups over the years. Here are the details on all of them.


1. Girls’ Generation

Hyoyeon wouldn’t be the artist that fans know and love if she hadn’t been a part of Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation

The group celebrated its tenth anniversary with the album Holiday Night back in 2017, with “Holiday” and “All Night” being the last tracks they promoted as a full group.


Taking it back all the way to 2012, SM Entertainment collaborated with Hyundai Motor Company for the YOUNIQUE unit. Hyoyeon joined Henry Lau, LuhanSHINee‘s Taemin, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, and EXO‘s Kai for a supergroup of talented dancers.

YOUNIQUE | SM Entertainment

Every single member showed off their amazing dance skills and vocals with the track “MAXSTEP”.

3. Triple T

SM Entertainment collaborated with another company for this group but a very familiar one to K-Pop fans. They worked with JYP Entertainment to create Triple T made up of Hyoyeon, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, and miss A‘s Min.

Triple T

They made the rounds on music shows with their title track “Born to be Wild”, making fans wish they could have a comeback until this very day.

4. Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG

With some of the Girls’ Generation members switching companies and focusing on other activities, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, and Sunny formed a sub-unit with the members who renewed contracts with SM Entertainment.

Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

Although they released “Lil’ Touch” in 2018, they treated fans to the new track “Melody” for the company’s 2021 winter album.

5. Girls On Top

The last group is one that’s been making waves as a female supergroup. Hyoyeon recently debuted in Girls On Top and is part of the GOT the beat unit along with fellow member Taeyeon. The members are BoA, Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi, and aespa‘s Karina and Winter.

GOT the beat | @GirlsOnTop_SM/Twitter

The seven members showed off their talents with the charismatic track “Step Back”.

Girls' Generation