Here’s What Type Of Man Each Girls’ Generation Member Is Attracted To

Nine girls, nine different types! Girls’ Generation knows exactly what they want!

Each Girls’ Generation member comes with such different taste in men and over the past eleven years since the group debuted, the girls weren’t shy about talking about their ideal types and sharing their standards on TV and radio shows. Check out the nine different guy types that will make the nine Girls’ Generation members fall in love.


1. Taeyeon

Way back in 2009, on an episode of Strong Heart, Taeyeon talked about one of the many male celebrities who pursued her being very close to her ideal type. She mentioned his wide shoulders being one of the traits she looks for in men!

Then in 2010, Taeyeon described her ideal type as the “ahjussi (아저씨, older male)” type while pointing out actor Hugh Jackman as an example. She mentioned, “I’m attracted to guys who are kind, warmhearted, and trustworthy, kind of like a teddy bear.” 

By 2014, when Taeyeon cameoed in the movie “My Brilliant Life”, she met another one of her well-known crushes, actor Kang Dong Won. Actually, since 2011, Taeyeon has openly confessed her love for Kang Dong Won on an episode of Star Wars 24 and on various radio shows.

During a showcase in 2015, as Taeyeon brought up “the time she starred in a movie with Kang Dong Won”, fellow member Tiffany shared that Taeyeon has been obsessed even more after the movie shoot.

“It still feels like a dream.” — Taeyeon

Then in January of 2015, when Taeyeon hosted the 28th Golden Disk Award, she had to choose her ideal type between Roy Kim and BTS. Taeyeon answered, “Though I like both very much, I’m more into the strong, masculine style so I have to choose BTS.” It seems her preference in men has not changed much since the beginning of her career. She likes masculine but sweet guys with wide-set shoulders, which actually describes both Hugh Jackman and Kang Dong Won.


2. Sunny

It’s hard to pin down Sunny‘s ideal type to a few traits. Like YoonA said on an episode of Roommate, “Sunny isn’t quite sure what kind of a man she wants and her ideal type is always changing.”

On an episode of Cheonhajangsa, Sunny tried to make sandwiches for the other guests. When she messed up on cooking up the eggs, Sunny told the camera, “I actually suck at cooking. That’s why my ideal type is a guy who can cook and is nice.”

Then on Knowing Bros, Sunny explained another trait she wished her future boyfriend would have.

“I like it when the guy obsesses over me. It gives me the thrills.” — Sunny

Sunny also talked about a few personality traits she finds important, while she watched three different couples live with each other on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2. Sunny claimed she wants someone “who is nice and expressive about his feelings” toward her. After watching actress Choo Ja Hyun and her husband Xiaoguang Yu, Sunny came to the realization that meeting the right guy is crucial to having a happy dating life.

“I saw that each couple has their own way of taking care of each other and showing love. It made me think, if I meet someone who has the right chemistry with me, I could be happy too.” — Sunny

While Sunny throws around a lot of names, like Won Bin and Jo In Sung, when she talks about her ideal types, it seems Sunny is quite picky when it comes to dating. Good looks definitely aren’t enough. Only the handsome, kitchen-friendly, gentleman who isn’t afraid of showing his feelings will win Sunny’s heart.


3. Tiffany

Earlier in her career, Tiffany chose the Korean-American model and actor Dennis Oh as her ideal type. Though when she had to choose between Dennis Oh and Taeyeon, because the host of the radio show asked whom she would save from drowning, Tiffany chose Taeyeon.

“Dennis, I’m really sorry but my members are first.” — Tiffany

Then in 2009, on an episode of Come to Play, Tiffany talked about being into “bad boys”.

“It might be because I’m still young, but I’m into bad guys like Goo Joon Pyo from Boys Over Flowers. He’s cold-hearted and mean in general, but completely affectionate to his girlfriend.” — Tiffany

2009 wasn’t the only time Tiffany mentioned her inclination toward bad boys. A year later, on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate, Tiffany explained her new found crush on a foreign celebrity. She chose the American actor Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald on the internationally popular TV drama series Gossip Girl, and explained she chose him for a very specific reason.

“I feel like I could have a chance with Chase Crawford because we’re around the same age. He’s like one of those guys who are every girl’s dream boyfriend material at school. He’s handsome, he’s athletic, and he’s gorgeous when he smiles, but he has that bad boy vibe.” — Tiffany

Tiffany’s most recent crush was revealed to be actor Jo In Sung. While she was on Sister’s Slam Dunk, Tiffany shared her experience of meeting and hugging Jo In Sung with the other sisters, Min Hyo Rin and Hong Jin Kyung.

“My ideal type is Jo In Sung. He’s so attractive. When I met him at an awards ceremony, I didn’t want an autograph or a picture. I wanted to make an impact so he’d remember me. So I had been practicing all day asking, “Can I please have a hug?” When I ran into him, I asked and he gave me a hug!” — Tiffany

Tiffany may have gotten over the bad boy thing, but she definitely still likes good-looking guys. Who can blame her?


4. Hyoyeon

In 2010, Hyoyeon went on Strong Heart and confessed that she has a crush on a male K-Pop idol. She described him as, “boasting a great sense of humor, being an awesome dancer, and having monolids.”

Unfortunately, in 2011, Hyoyeon went back on to the show and clarified she is over him because he started acting extra. The reason she was done with him hints at what Hyoyeon does not like to see in a man.

“I guess he found out that I have a crush on him. I ran into him at the broadcasting station and he tried to act like he’s cool. I didn’t like how pretentious that was, so I completely got over him.” — Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon also went on a different TV interview and explained that her taste in men has changed. While her survey answer sheet showed Hyoyeon’s ideal types as G-Dragon, 2PM‘s Wooyoung, and Highlight‘s Doojoon, she stated, “I’m no longer interested in these people because my ideal type has changed since I answered this questionnaire.”

“All these guys have monolids because I used to be into that. I liked guys with monolids, but now I don’t. I want someone with double eyelids. So these are no-gos.” — Hyoyeon

By 2014, Hyoyeon’s ideal type became a little more defined, as she detailed it out on a radio program. While she still found humor as an important aspect in a man, she also realized she wanted more in common. Hyoyeon mentioned Sam Hammington, a popular TV personality in Korea, but playfully as a response to him choosing her as his ideal type on the same radio show.

“I would like the guy to share my hobby. And I like to work out… It’s really important that he really, really likes me.” — Hyoyeon

Will Hyoyeon be able to find her double-eyelidded, humorous, and athletic dream man?


5. Yuri

When the news got out that Yuri was dating a baseball player, Oh Seung Hwan, fans realized she had found herself exactly what she said she was looking for. She has always mentioned “broad shoulders” as one of the important aspects of her ideal type of men.

Yuri has always been very specific about what she wants in a man. When she appeared on The Beatles Code in 2011, Yuri pointed out that she likes guys who are nice and warmhearted.

“I like it when guys are kindhearted and generous. As for the looks, I appreciate big smiles and pretty eyes.” — Yuri

Yuri had a lot of mechanics fall in love with her because she said, “I’m into guys who can change tires when we’re on a trip to the countryside and get a flat tire.” On a radio interview in 2013, she finally got around the explaining what this meant.

“I didn’t mean that my ideal type is someone who can change tires. I meant that I’m into guys who are good at responding to urgent or unexpected situations. I like guys who are clever.” — Yuri

Most recently, Yuri went on a radio interview and updated her list of must-have traits for her ideal type of men. When the DJ read through her preferences from the past, Yuri agreed that she still wants all of those things and more.

“I still like guys who are clever and responsive. I said I like smart-looking guys with wide-set shoulders who can pull of white dress shirts and suits. I believe I laid it out like this because the person wanted to go into specifics about what kind of guys I like. Now, I look for witty and humorous men. I don’t like it when guys curse habitually and act tough. I like guys who feel comfortable and have manners, but aren’t not up-tight. ” — Yuri

It sounds like the guy that Yuri is looking for is the guy for whom all the girls are also searching. Really though, someone witty but caring, well-mannered but casual, and smart-looking with a great physique is going to be one gem of a find.


6. Sooyoung

Sooyoung has a quirky ideal type and she knew it when she shared it with everyone else on The Beatles Code in 2011. She said, “My mom hates the guys I pick and doesn’t understand what good I see in them.” Though she explained that she doesn’t need her ideal guy to be good-looking or popular, Sooyoung does need him to be passionate.

“I used to think I’m picky about guys and that I like guys who are handsome, but I actually don’t. I’m more into the casual, comfortable type. Once I was at a BBQ restaurant and one of the waiters was helping Japanese customers with their meals. I actually found it really charming how he was so passionate about grilling the meat for them, so I told my mom that I like him. She could not understand. I also once fell for a police officer who was at a crossroads, helping with the traffic flow.” — Sooyoung

A few years later, during a Girls’ Generation interview, Sooyoung gave a vague description of her ideal type of guy’s appearance and made everyone laugh.

“I want him to have pretty eyes, an attractive nose, and cute lips.” — Sooyoung

Sooyoung did point out though, she doesn’t “like it when a guy tries too hard to be cool. It’s hard to stand the guy when everything he does is too extra…”

By 2013, Sooyoung began dating actor Jung Kyung Ho and the two have been together since then. While many grow jealous over this long-lasting, beautiful relationship, Sooyoung revealed on a TV show that Jung Kyung Ho has never quite been her ideal type.

“What I look for in a guy’s physique is masculine traits, like a big upper body or a lot of facial hair. I like guys who are kind of shaggy. I guess what I see as an ideal type and whom I end up dating are two completely different things.” — Sooyoung

So it only makes sense that Sooyoung mentioned she is a huge fan of Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is the perfect example of the shaggy, masculine, sexy hotness who is passionate about his job and doesn’t have to try too hard!


7. YoonA

YoonA‘s three absolute-musts for her ideal type of guys, as laid out by Sooyoung, are 1. Must look good in a suit, 2. Must look good in a white shirt, and 3. Must look good in glasses. It seems she had someone very specific in mind when she set this list.

On TV programs like Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate and Imagination PlusYoonA has unchangingly revealed that she is a huge fan of the Japanese actor Takuya Kimura.

“I watch all his shows. When I was staying in Japan, he came on some show. I asked Sooyoung to translate for me because she speaks Japanese well. I really would love to meet him. While I was touring around Japan, I took pictures of his advertisements. The other Girls’ Generation members made fun of me and said I am just like one of the Japanese ladies who visit Korea for Bae Yong Joon. I just love him so much.” — YoonA

YoonA seems to have certain actions and qualities that she find attractive in guys. She briefly mentioned that she likes it when guys are jealous, and show that they are jealous, but not to the extreme. As YoonA explained it has to be the perfect amount of jealousy that will spice up the relationship, Sooyoung chimed in that her standards are high.

“I know. I think my standards keep getting higher. Maybe that’s why I’m single still.” — YoonA

Then in 2011, YoonA went on Strong Heart and revealed that she likes it when guys pet her head and call her cute. Lee Seung Gi, who was the show’s host at the time, tried it out on YoonA and she blossomed into a big smile. It was no surprise when the two revealed they were dating in 2014.

Recently, on Knowing Bros, YoonA added to her standards another thing that makes her heart race. When Seo Jang Hoon suggested that YoonA likes it when guys set the table for her to eat, YoonA agreed.

“I think I like it when I feel like I’m being treated well. That hint of consideration is enough to make my heart race.” — YoonA


8. Seohyun

On a 2011 episode of The Beatles CodeSeohyun explained that while she doesn’t care too much about the appearance, she has strict standards for her ideal type’s must-have personality traits.

“I wouldn’t say I’m picky, but rather difficult because I don’t really look at the appearance and care a lot about who the person is inside.” — Seohyun

So here are the traits outlined by Seohyun that her ideal type of man must have to win her heart.

1. He must have his own philosophy about life and know what he wants in life.
2. He must be deep-rooted so that nothing can shake him about his beliefs.
3. He must have great manners and be extremely polite.
4. He must be optimistic and have a positive outlook.

A couple years later though, by 2013, Seohyun decided appearance does matter, too. She added that she wants her future boyfriend to have pretty eyes and a great smile.

“I used to think I don’t care much about how a man looks, but nowadays I’m starting to think that it does matter.” — Seohyun

On more recent interviews, Seohyun shared her standards have not dropped since 2011. She is still interested in guys who are “good all around and deep-rooted.” While she does not “prefer to talk about dating in public”, she did mention she has “had flings” and that she “is not always single”.

Between her acting partners, she chose actor Nam Joo Hyuk because “he looked after me as a sunbae (선배, senior) actor and helped with making the shoot a little easier.”

At the 2017 Ruby Ruby Love press conference, Seohyun said her search for the most ideal type of man isn’t over yet and mentioned a combination of her two male partner actors would be perfect.

“Someone who is as friendly and caring as Lee Cheol Woo and as gentle and humorous as Lee Yi Kyung would be great for me.” — Seohyun


9. Jessica (Former Member)

Jessica‘s love for the American actor Josh Hartnett has always been strong.

“I was at the Busan International Film Festival to sing on stage, and I saw him in the audience. I sang the soundtrack from the movie “Pearl Harbor” in which he starred. He really liked it.” — Jessica

She explained that, especially from that day on, she has always had a crush on Josh Hartnett and will continue to like him.

Even years later, when on The Beatles Code, Sooyoung mentioned that she likes Josh Hartnett as well, Jessica shoot her a death glare and declares that he belongs to her.

“He’s mine!” — Jessica

It seems Jessica’s ideal type is often from another country, because she also mentioned the character “Harvey”, played by another American actor Gabriel Macht, from the TV series Suits as being her updated ideal type.

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