Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Iconic Hair Color Evolution Over The Years Proves She’s Always Been A Total Visual

She’s so pretty!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has had a long, very fruitful career that is still going strong! Throughout her almost 13-year long career as an idol, she has sported a wide range of looks, and pulled them off with visuals to die for! Here is Taeyeon’s hair color evolution through the years, proving she was a visual queen, is a visual queen and always will be a visual queen!

1. “Into The New World”


2. “Kissing You”


3. “Baby Baby”


4. “Gee”


5. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”


6. “Oh!”


7. “Run Devil Run”


8. “Hoot”


9. “Mr. Taxi”


10. “The Boys”


11. “Paparazzi”


12. “Flower Power”


13. “Twinkle”


14. “I Got A Boy”


15. “Love And Girls”


16. “Galaxy Supernova”


17. “Mr. Mr.”


18. “Holler”


19. “Catch Me If You Can”


20. “Party”


21. “Lion Heart”


22. “You Think”


23. “I”


24. “Dear Santa”


25. “Rain”


26. “Why”


27. “11:11”


28. “Fine”


29. “Something New”


30. “Lil’ Touch”


31. “Four Seasons”


32. “Spark”

33. “Dear Me”


34. “Happy”


35. “Happy” summer version

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