Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Shows Off Her Everyday Items, And They’re All Must-Haves

Do you carry the same products?

In a recent video with Vogue Korea, Girl’s Generation‘s YoonA unveiled the contents of her bag. She showed the items that she uses everyday, and they’re certified must-haves!

Check them out below.

1. Script

The first item that YoonA brought out was her script for her upcoming tvN legal K-Drama Big Mouse, where she stars alongside actor Lee Jong Suk.

Yoona revealed that she bookmarks all the scenes that she appears in so that it is easier for her to refer back to them. “It makes me look like a model student,” she joked.

2. Cellphone

Of course, she can’t leave the house without her phone! She showed off her cute phone case and Paris wallpaper, which she took herself when she visited the area.

3. Wallet

Like her phone, she can’t leave the house without her wallet. She occasionally switches out a small wallet for a bigger one when she carries larger bags, but she finds the process tedious and now sticks to a small wallet most of the time.

4. Medicine Case

Another must-have item for YoonA is her medicine case, which she uses to store her vitamins. She regularly takes Vitamin C, B, and E, and she believes that she notices a difference in her condition after taking them.

5. Chocolate Milk

Next, YoonA swears by oat milk, and she drinks it every other day. She especially enjoys its cocoa flavor.

6. AirPods

As a music lover, YoonA can’t forget to bring her AirPods with her. She uses an adorable pink case that helps her see it immediately. A case is necessary for her lifestyle because she accidentally lost three AirPods already!

7. Hairband

Boasting long and luscious hair, it’s no surprise that YoonA carries a headband with her for the times she needs to tie back her hair.

8. Lip Balm

Last but not the least, YoonA loves her “Pure Color Envy” Estée Lauder lip balm. Aside from it being nourishing, she has a ton of fun playing with its magnetic cap.

Do you carry the same items as YoonA?

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Source: Vogue Korea

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