Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows She Has No Filter As She Hilariously Roasts The Other Members

Girls’ Generation are truly the queens of variety shows.

Girls’ Generation are known for their funny personalities, as they always give viewers a great laugh whenever they appear on variety shows.

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, Sooyoung decided to roast her fellow members and share what she dislikes about them. This led to some hilarious exchanges between the members.

1. Sunny

Something that Sooyoung dislikes about Sunny is the way she used to speak, as it emphasized being cute.

During that time, Sooyoung found it more annoying than cute.

2. Tiffany

Sooyoung roasts Tiffany for being so selective about her fashion choices.

Sooyoung also finds it funny how Tiffany tries to select all the outstanding accessories for herself.

Even though the theme of the show was for the members to match, Tiffany had other plans.

3. Hyoyeon

Even before Sooyoung can begin her critique, Hyoyeon lets Sooyoung know how she feels about her.

After a couple of laughs, Sooyoung begins roasting Hyoyeon. Something Sooyoung finds strange about Hyoyeon is how she’s always contouring her nose.

4. Yoona

Sooyoung initially finds it hard to find a flaw about Yoona, which causes Hyoyeon to react angrily.

Sooyoung eventually finds something about Yoona that bothers her. Sooyoung hates it when Yoona brags about gaining weight, as Sooyoung has always struggled with being skinny.

It’s not so much the fact that Yoona can gain weight, it’s the way she tells Sooyoung.

All this talk prompts Hyoyeon to give a hilarious response.

5. Yuri

Something that Yuri does that bugs Sooyoung is how she’s always stretching, no matter the situation.

6. Taeyeon

Sooyoung ends by giving a hilarious and savage message to Taeyeon.

Here is the full video below!

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