Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Is So Inspirational, These 15 Idols All Named Her As Their Role Model

Taeyeon is an inspiration to fans and idols alike.

There’s no doubt that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is one of the biggest soloists around today. With her incredible voice, amazing dedication, and beautiful looks, who wouldn’t want to be just like her? It’s no wonder even idols look up to her. Take a look at 15 hoobaes who named Taeyeon as their role model.

1. Heejin (LOONA)

In multiple fansigns, LOONA’s Heejin has told Orbits that Taeyeon is her role model and the sunbaenim she respects the most.

2. Sejeong (Gugudan)

As such a talented vocalist herself, it’s no surprise that Sejeong’s role models are Taeyeon and IU.

3. Chaewon (IZ*ONE)

In an interview with a Japanese magazine, IZ*ONE’s Chaewon told fans that Taeyeon is her role model because of her solo activities and continuous love from the public.

4. Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

Taeyeon has been (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi’s role model since she was a child, likely inspiring Yuqi to become an idol herself.

5. Jiae (Lovelyz)

Back in 2015, Jiae expressed how happy she was that Taeyeon was promoting her album at the same time of Lovelyz, revealing that she sees her as a role model.

6. Luda (Cosmic Girls)

Cosmic GirlsLuda is another idol who named Taeyeon as her inspiration, which is fitting given that some fans say they look alike.

7. Lucy (Weki Meki)

In her first live broadcast, Weki Meki’s Lucy told fans she has a deep respect for her role model Taeyeon and loves all of Girls’ Generation.

8. Eunwoo (HINAPIA)

Former PRISTIN member HINAPIA’s Eunwoo is known to be a big girl group fan. She actually named two Girls’ Generation members as her role models—Taeyeon and former member Jessica.

9. Jueun (DIA)

In her application for tvN’s V-1, DIA’s Jueun revealed that Taeyeon is her role model.

10. Suyun (Rocket Punch)

When Rocket Punch’s Suyun was asked why she wants to be an idol, she said it’s because she loves standing on stage and stated that her role model as an idol is Taeyeon.


Alongside choosing Taeyeon as her role model, Ari of newly debuted rookie group REDSQUARE also admires Apink.

12. Chaesol (Cignature)

Not long after her debut, Cignature’s Chaesol snapped a photo with a Taeyeon poster, saying she’s one of the idols she looks up to the most.

13. Lara (DreamNote)

DreamNote’s Lara is an Orbit (and her bias is Go Won), but she’s also a big fan of Taeyeon, naming her as her role model.

14. Terry (Neon Punch)

Before she left Neon Punch due to health reasons, Terry said Taeyeon was her inspiration.

15. Monday (Weeekly)

Monday of upcoming rookie group Weeekly also recently named Taeyeon as her role model in her member profile.

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