“Glass Skin” Is The New Korean Beauty Trend…And Here’s How To Get It:

Find out how you can achieve the glossiest “glass skin” look at home!

When Los Angeles–based makeup artist Ellie Choi tweeted this picture of her glowing, flawless skin, it blew up the internet.

This dewy, glossy, ultra-smooth, poreless and translucent skin is called glass skin and it’s an upgrade from the past honey skin craze.

Now, a trend among skincare professionals and fanatics, this five-step at-home care routine for ‘glass skin’ is a must-try!

1. Cleanse Well

It is extremely important to get this first step down right, especially in K-beauty. Ellie Choi—and other skincare professionals—emphasize cleansing twice, often with a cleansing wipe first, then with a cleansing foam next.


2. Use the “7 Skin Method”

The “7 Skin Method” is another K-beauty routine that helps dry skin. The idea is to layer on toner to really light up the skin from within. While the skin is still damp, apply the first layer and let sit until the skin soaks it up. Apply the second layer, third layer… continue for seven times.


3. Hydrate!

For this next step, Ellie Choi suggests a “decent amount” of moisturizer. The goal is to fully hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. Be sure to pat on the cream, not rub. Rubbing will tug and stretch the skin, causing unwanted wrinkles!


4. Scrub Away the Bad!

This extra step is an every-other-day thing, but nonetheless a crucial part to the entire process. Regular exfoliation will leave behind a smoothed out skin, essential to achieving that glassy texture.


5. Wrap Up with Mask Sheets

Ellie Choi suggests using facial mask sheets weekly to properly replenish the face. These “facial mask sheets” are often best sellers at Korean cosmetic shops, as they are affordable but super effective for treating the skin.


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On a side note, there is a brand called Yuripibu which directly translatesto glass skin. It may be worth checking out, as the brand’s products do receive positive feedback.

Let’s get glowin’!