9 Funniest Reactions To “The Glory” Actors’ IRL Romance

Viewers of the K-Drama were full of jokes 😂

Korean media outlet Dispatch surprised everyone with a report that The Glory actors Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon were dating in real life. The companies of both actors quickly confirmed the news. Here are nine of the funniest reactions to the actors starting an off-screen romance.

Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun on the set of “The Glory.”

1. When you realize the April Fools’ Day announcement wasn’t actually a joke:

2. Still being in shock about the K-Drama actors dating IRL.

3. Joking about Lee Do Hyun’s character Yeo Jeong betraying Dong Eun.

4. Dong Eun wasn’t the only character out to get some revenge.

5. The perfect scene to congratulate Lim Ji Yeon’s character Yeon Jin.

6. Yeon Jin and Yeo Jeong were working on more than procedures at the clinic.

7. Crying through the pain of seeing the happy couple.

8. Stuck between congratulating the couple and wishing it was you.

9. Yeon Jin ended up getting a happy ending after all.

The Glory

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