Go Kyung Pyo And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Are A Hit Couple At The 56th Baeksang Art Awards

What a beautiful duo!

On June 4, the 56th Baeksang Art Awards took place live on JTBC with hosts Park Bo Gum and Shin Dong Yup.

While many well-known celebrities attended the event in beautiful gowns and suits, fans were especially drawn to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and actor Go Kyung Pyo’s chemistry on the red carpet and on stage as presenters for the Best Screenplay Award and Best Script Award.

Here’s Go Kyung Pyo looking super fresh in his crisp black suit.

Seohyun looks stunning in her red dress.

The pair look so amazing together, creating a flawless chemistry.

Visuals and talent all in one!

Go Kyung Pyo is such a gentleman, as he escorts Seohyun from the car onto the red carpet.

Fans can’t help but love these two and their chemistry in the spotlight.

Many are excited to see how they will act with one another for their new upcoming drama.

Fans were swooning over this moment where Go Kyung Pyo fixed Seohyun’s dress!

Go Kyung Pyo and Seohyun are confirmed to play the star role in the upcoming JTBC drama Private Life. This is a drama that many fans are anticipating because it is also the first drama that Go Kyung Pyo will be participating in since the completion of his military service. This drama is set to air sometime in the second half of 2020.