“GOING SEVENTEEN” Asked Carats To Submit Episode Ideas— Here Are 10 That Need To Happen

Which idea do you like best?

The first episode of GOING SEVENTEEN 2021 was released today, and Carats were so excited for its return. And now, Pledis Entertainment is asking fans to send in things SEVENTEEN have previously said that could be turned into content. Here are 10 ideas Carats sent in that need to happen:

1. Skydiving

For GOING SEVENTEEN 2020, they participated in bungee jumping. Now they must move on to bigger and better, right?

2. Taste testing

Food content + their moms = a win for SEVENTEEN.

3. Law of the jungle, SEVENTEEN version

With SEVENTEEN being the comedians they are, this type of content would be hilarious as the members try to survive together.

4. Breakdancing

I mean, they’re all incredible dancers in their own right, but can they all break dance or b-boy well? Time to find out…

5. Food truck

It’s about time SEVENTEEN put their cooking skills to the test.

6. Amusement park

This is a no-brainer. Many idols have gone to amusement parks for content before, and it never fails to bring lots of laughs.

7. Guests

Inter-group interactions are always a joy, and just imagine bringing on another fun and energetic group! The chaos would be off the charts.

8. Sponsored by S.Coups

Not sure how S.Coups would feel about this one…blame Dino, not Carats!

9. Fishing

Fishing requires a combination of skill, luck, and patience. The question is can SEVENTEEN succeed? Either way, the content will be interesting.

10. Boxing

This could be a great time for the members to let off any “steam”. Plus it would be fun to see them try to box each other.


This wasn’t mentioned by SEVENTEEN, but this idea is nonetheless 10/10.