“I Got A Friend Smart As F*ck, But He Stupid As Hell”: 10 Funny BTS Moments

J. Cole inspired a new meme!

A new meme has taken over ARMYs’ Twitter feeds, thanks to BTS‘s J-Hope and American music artist J. Cole.

In J. Cole’s verse in “on the street,” he raps about how although his friend might be smart, he is “stupid” because he denies a Higher Power is at work in the universe…

I got a friend smart as f*ck, but he stupid as hell
He swear that God ain’t real
Since it ain’t no way to prove it his self
As if the universe ain’t enough
As if the volcanoes ain’t erupt
As if the birds don’t chirp
As if a trillion nerves don’t work in the human body
Sh*t, who would I be?
Without the creator of this theater beside me to gently guide me?

— J. Cole in J-Hope’s “on the street”

So,I got a friend smart as f*ck, but he stupid as hell” soon went viral on Twitter as netizens were shook over J. Cole possibly throwing shade at someone he knows.

Now, it’s created a new meme. ARMYs are sharing funny BTS moments with that line as the caption. Check out 10 of the funniest videos below.

1. When RM wanted ARMYs’ lights but not ARMY Bombs

2. When ARMYs low-key failed at the wave

3. Our favorite soccer stars

4. When the crowd wasn’t in sync for J-Hope

5. He might have missed the point of the game, but it’s okay. He tried.

6. Flying yoga is not for the weak!

7. He’s souring; he’s flying…

8. Not @ the captions saying “Dumb and Dumber.”

9. Why is our Jin always at the crime scene, though? 😭

10. We’re that friend.