Here Are 20+ Moments From GOT7 2022 FANCON “HOMECOMING With I GOT 7” Day 2 That Every Ahgase Needs To See

GOT7 and Ahgases didn’t want it to end!

GOT7 successfully performed their second and final show of 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 on May 22nd.

The group extended their originally scheduled 2 and a half hour event for nearly 4 hours, like the previous night, ultimately performing 24 songs!

While it was a paid live fancon held at South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, it was available to be live-streamed internationally but again with the purchase of a digital ticket. So, we have compiled 20+ highlights that we think every Ahgase deserves to see…

1. GOT7 literally just having the best time ever

2. “Just Right”

3. The cutest heart

4. Jinyoung being scolded by his dad

5. Water fight!

6. The members supporting Yugyeom when he wasn’t well

7. Tom and Jerry

8. GOT7 confessing their drinking tolerances

9. Whatever Jay B was doing here

10. Following maknae‘s lead

11. Our “Wang Puppy”

12. “G O T 7!”

13. Mark’s deep voice

14. We love you!

15. When GOT7 proposed that we sign a contract

16. BamBam teasing Youngjae when he didn’t want to leave

17. Mark’s confession of watching their past concert

18. Photo time!

19. MarkSon crumbs

20. The camera following Jay B and BamBam when they attempted to do the elevator

21. A kiss from Youngjae

22. BamBam trying to teach Ahgases the fanchant for GOT7’s “NANANA”

23. Yugyeom’s heartfelt ending comments

24. JackBam posing for the group photo

Check out moments from Day 1 below:

10 Of GOT7’s Most Memorable Moments From Day One Of The 2022 FANCON “HOMECOMING with I GOT 7”


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