GOT7’s BamBam Embraces His “Bam The Builder” Era—Here Are 10 Hilarious Ahgase Reactions

BamBam fully embraces GOT7’s “construction era,” and it’s hilarious.

Ahgases are counting down the days until GOT7‘s group comeback on May 23. Luckily, they have member BamBam to keep them company.

| @GOT7/Twitter

GOT7 recently released the concept photos for their highly anticipated comeback. They released additional concept photos, GOT7’s HOUSE: PACKING UP, today and fans had creative and hilarious reactions on Twitter to what they’re lovingly referring to as GOT7’s “construction era.”

| @GOT7/Twitter

Of course, BamBam couldn’t be left out as he joined Ahgases for a fun day celebrating GOT7 and roasting the “spoiler king” himself, BamBam. Here are some of the humorous reactions⁠—

1. “Bam the Builder”

2. BamBam joining in on the fun

3. BamBam requesting an impossible photoshop challenge of Ahgases

4. Ahgases stepping up to the challenge and delivering

5. Ahgases Imagining BamBam on the set of the music video

6. Including BamBam’s cats in the festivities

7. BamBam spilling insider secrets

8. No one can stop “spoiler king” BamBam

9. Aghases designing a lightstick for GOT7’s “construction era”

10. Appreciating the art