10 Quotes From GOT7’s BamBam When You’re In Need Of A Little Encouragement Or Reassurance In Life

BamBam might be chaotic, but his words hold deep wisdom.

GOT7‘s BamBam has some iconic lines, including his ever-hilarious “Skrrt skrrt.” But while he’s an artist who brightens up everyone’s day thanks to his chaotic and hilarious personality, BamBam never hesitates to share his wisdom, especially when inspiring confidence in others. These 10 quotes from BamBam will give you all the encouragement and reassurance you need, whether as a fan or as a person.

1. Wherever your path takes you, don’t walk alone.

For BamBam, it doesn’t matter how far he goes or where he goes, only that he’ll still be surrounded by his loved ones at the end of the path.

2. Hate will never stop BamBam from being his best self.

While the haters waste their time hating, BamBam’s putting in the work every day to be the best version of himself.

3. The road to success is paved with failures.

Mistakes are only stepping stones for growth.

4. His heart for Ahgases is full of infinite love.

You guys are always saying thank you to us, but we are the ones who are more thankful to you … Us happily doing music, us happily promoting and living life, our environment, being on the receiving end of a lot of love. I think that’s all because of you. Everyone, please don’t just live for us. I hope that you would take care of yourself for your own sake too.

— BamBam

5. “I want you to be happy for the small things in life.”

When life is tiring and it’s a struggle to stay positive, BamBam wants you to cherish the small things in life.


6. The first step to chasing your dreams is believing in yourself.

Even if it’s hard, keep trying and have the courage to believe in yourself.

7. Life is too short to hate.

We’re all human. We all make mistakes, and we all desire love. So no matter what, BamBam hopes we’ll do our best to show love to others.

8. “Whatever they say, I live my life.”

“Satellites” is a song dedicated to the haters, proving why BamBam is the epitome of confidence when it comes to defending himself and GOT7. His words can reflect how you live your life without paying attention to what others say.

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9. Be proud to be a fan.

But just do what makes you happy. No one can stop you from experiencing happiness. If I can give you some happiness, it’s an honor for me.

— BamBam

10. “If you know how valuable what you have is, you will naturally be happy. You’ll be positive against everything.”

Confidence is important, but thankfulness is even more so.

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