GOT7’s BamBam Reveals His 3 Favorite Outfits From His “RiBBon” Era

And which 3 looks did he actually end up wearing?

GOT7‘s BamBam has finished up his first solo promotions for his song “riBBon” and to celebrate he decided to share his thoughts on all the stage outfits he wore throughout promotions.

“I’m here to film ‘riBBon’ stage outfit Lookbook.” | BamBam/YouTube 

BamBam began by thoroughly discussing each outfit (and maybe revealing a bit too much about them).

“The reason I don’t have pants now is the pants were my pants! But… I forgot to bring them…” | BamBam/YouTube 
“If I wear this and dance, you can see what you shouldn’t see.” | BamBam/YouTube 

BamBam then picked his top 3 looks to wear for the end of the video and explained why. Here are those 3 looks:

1. Black and White

His first choice was a no-brainer for him. He expressed his love for the black and white outfit he wore for his MV and his showcase, as well as many other places.

“Haven’t you seen this outfit a lot? I wore this many times. It’s my favorite outfit from the MV.” | BamBam/YouTube 

He shared that each look has a “riBBon” and that this look has the biggest out of all of them.

“riBBon” | BamBam/YouTube 

He also revealed earlier in the video that while many fans believed the look was a jumpsuit, it was actually BamBam’s own unique style of tucking the suit jacket into the pants that gave that illusion.

“And everybody thinks this is a jumpsuit, but this is a 2-piece suit!” | BamBam/YouTube 

2. Water Color LV

BamBam’s second choice his Louis Vuitton water color suit. He said that when he wears the suit he “[becomes] fully confident” and that he thinks “no one will forget this outfit after seeing it.”

“But when I wear this, I become fully confident.” | BamBam/YouTube 

He shared earlier in the video that he was excited to wear the look not only because of the quality LV is known for, but because he was the first to wear the suit.

“riBBon” | BamBam/YouTube 

BamBam also revealed that the look was very comfortable which added to his love although the slightly itchy sleeveless sweater inside did detract from that comfort a bit.

“Inside this, it’s a sleeveless sweater. The texture is a little itchy.” | BamBam/YouTube 

3. Floral Suit

BamBam took a long moment before picking his third look, so much so that his editor felt the need to reference the iconic SpongeBob SquarePants a few moments later” meme.

“The third one is…! Too hard…” [a few moments later] | BamBam/YouTube 
After thinking about it, BamBam picked the floral suit that he considered to be the MV’s main look.

“riBBon” | BamBam/YouTube 

When initially discussing the look, he shared that he enjoyed the way that the tie on shirt worked as it allowed the look to be styled multiple ways. “If I ties this, it looks cute. If I untie this, it looks masculine.” 

“In my opinion, let’s see. This! If I ties this, it looks cute. If I untie this, it looks masculine.” | BamBam/YouTube 

However, this is BamBam, so after puzzling over his outfit choices he promptly announced that he’d worn these looks too much and would be wearing three different looks instead. Those looks were:

1. Pink Suit w/ Skirt

“I can do anything! Super comfortable!” | BamBam/YouTube 

2. Vest & Bow Combo

“Many people loved this outfit.” | BamBam/YouTube 

3. Grandma Sweater

“See! Holes everywhere! Now you can understand.” | BamBam/YouTube

While we think all of BamBam’s looks were great, we’re grateful to see how confident he is in his favorite outfits. It may be sad that “riBBon” promotions have completely ended but we can’t wait to see what he does next. To watch BamBam’s full “LookBook”, check out the video below: