GOT7’s BamBam Played “Among Us” With Fans — Here Are The 9 Most Chaotic Moments

#8 will make you wheeze.

GOT7’s BamBam is known for treating Ahgases like his best friends — and he proved this when he asked them to join him in a round of the viral game “Among Us.” The online multiplayer game published by Innersloth consists of crewmates — the innocent members attempting to complete tasks — and 2 hidden imposters — those with the duty of secretly killing the remaining players. As expected, hilarity ensued.

Check out these 9 chaotic moments from his game as “Skrrrt” that will leave you wheezing!

| @BamBam1a/Instagram

1. When Black and Pink are together, that can only mean one thing to him.

BamBam saying “BLACKPINK in your area!” in a game of “Among Us” only makes sense.

2. He’s just trying to get down to business.

He misses you too, but he won’t miss you when he votes you out.

3. Ahgases gave the king the respect he deserves.

Please keep a 6-foot distance between BamBam and yourself at all times.

4. He is a lyrical machine.

He can make anything fit into the context of the game.

5. When BamBam compliments the imposter, that’s when you know something isn’t right.

White sus.

6. Imagine being that fan to double kill with BamBam.

Fangirl and life goals.

7. Please spare him.

You can’t resist the puppy dog eyes emoji.

8. So, he was foreshadowing all along.

It all makes sense now.

9. BamBam is the sweetest angel with his dear Ahgases.

Hopefully, he does this again soon!