10 Times GOT7’s Chaotic Selves Made Everyone Smile At Award Shows

Honestly, it’s mostly just BamBam and Jackson.

GOT7 are always unapologetically chaotic, and no matter how formal the occasion, K-Pop fans are sure to spot a GOT7 member goofing off in the background. Award shows are no different, and while GOT7 burn the stage with their impeccable live performances, they’ve often gone viral for their “caught-in-4k” meme moments (whether intentional or not), and these 10 moments are some of their best highlights.

1. 2019 MAMAs

Does this even need a caption? If you’re anywhere on K-Pop social media, you’ve seen this legendary reaction.


Iconic reaction 😂 #jacksonwang #BTS #itzy #got7 #mamamoo #JYP

♬ the psycho intro gone wrong ㅠㅠ – Arielle • Shadowbanned I think

2. “Skrrt Skrrt.”

BamBam‘s “Skrrt Skrrt” agenda can’t be stopped.

3. There Are Two Types Of People At Parties.

Jackson was trying so hard to remain expressionless.

4. ITZY’s 6th Member

What’s cuter, BamBam’s shy reaction or Jackson’s Squirtle smile?


Bringing back this video 🤧 #fyp #kpopfyp #kpop #got7 #ahgase #igot7 #bambam #itzy #chaeryeong #midzy

♬ meet me at our spot – isa

5. Dorky Jinyoung

One of the rare times Jinyoung was the only GOT7 member acting silly.

6. 2018 MAMAs

Despite the many instances he’s been caught on camera, BamBam is still always startled.

7. Halloween In January

They’re coordinated at not being coordinated.

8. Their Reaction To The “Hard Carry” Special Stage

GOT7 are the best hype men, but sometimes they get a little too excited.

9. Their Water Bottle Flip Obsession

Their table eventually got confiscated, but they just started playing on the floor.

10. “Watch Me” by Silento

Award shows are where BamBam’s antics shine the brightest.

And while this next moment isn’t chaotic, it is savage, and we couldn’t leave it out.

11. “OUT”

GOT7 are such massive spoiler fairies they even spoiled their contract termination with JYP.