10 GOT7 English Subtitles That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real

Yes. They really did say these things…

Non-Korean speaking GOT7 fans need subtitles to tell them what their oppas are saying, but sometimes GOT7 says such unbelievable things that fans can’t help wondering if there was a mistranslation. These crazy quotes might sound fake, but they are totally legit!


1. “If you add ‘in bed’ to the end of our songs, it becomes sexual.”

This GOT7 fan sign went from PG to PG13 after Yugeom revealed an easy way to make GOT7’s songs sound inappropriate. The members made some very creative suggestions!


2. “Even if you don’t speak, the world will still go around!”

JB had had just about enough of Jackson’s interruptions, so he told him to zip it!


3. “This is how I abuse my power.”

Jinyoung showed his sassy side when he teased fans with these photographs. He said that if his fans weren’t good, they wouldn’t be getting their gift. He holds all the power!


4. “Do you want to ramen and chill?”

Jackson knew exactly what he was saying when he asked Jinyoung to do the Korean version of “Netflix and chill” with him…and so did Jinyoung!


5. “Oh my God! Namja!”

BamBam made his members burst out laughing when he made a hilarious guess during a game. He exclaimed “namja!” or “man!” when he touched the mystery box’s sausage because, well, you know…


6. “I just want to eat your…”

Uh…what? Things got a little awkward when Jackson said this in the middle of a fake argument he was having with Mark about food.

Even though Jackson was the one who blundered, he got “angry” at Mark!


7. “He’s my daddy.”

One time, Jackson randomly decided to change JB’s role from “hyung” to “daddy”. When he asked his new “dad” to buy him some food, JB had no idea how to react.


8. “I die!”

Well, that escalated quickly! Jackson dramatically exclaimed “I die!” while striking this finger gun pose.


9. “I can’t describe the feeling of being so close to JB’s lips.”

Is this fan fiction or real life? With GOT7, you can never be too sure but, in this case, Jackson and Jinyoung were talking about a paper passing game the members had played. These quotes are proof that context is everything!


10. “The big ones are spicier.”

When Yugyeom named his team, he wasn’t thinking about the fact that the Korean word for “pepper” can be used to refer to male genitalia. BamBam, on the other hand, picked up on it immediately and called Yugyeom’s choice “weird”. Instead of letting it slide, Jackson pushed the conversation further by saying this.


11. BONUS: When Jackson asked Mark, “why are you so hot?”. Since Jackson said this in English, we can’t question the subtitles!