These 10 Fan Predictions Are Proof That If GOT7 and EXO Ever Switched Leaders, Chaos Would Only Escalate

Being GOT7 or EXO’s leader requires a lot of patience.

K-Pop fans are all for the idea of a “leader-swap” version of the show Wife Swap, but there’s one crossover that everyone is dying to see: GOT7 and EXO.

These two legendary groups have some of the best leaders in K-Pop, as Suho and Jay B have gone above and beyond to dedicate their all to the members. They also have incredible patience since they deal with non-stop shenanigans from their groups. These 10 predictions by Ahgases and EXO-Ls prove that if GO7 and EXO ever switched leaders, the only result would be chaos.

1. Super Sexy Aegyo

Super sexy aegyo has become GOT7’s go-to talent on any broadcast, and they wouldn’t hesitate to make Suho do it over and over again (EXO would definitely ask for receipts).

2. Confused And Concerned, As Per Usual

If you’ve watched EXO’s “Obsession” dance practice, then you know why being bitten on the butt is a genuine concern.

3. Picking Bathroom Locks With Chopsticks

Baekhyun‘s foolproof method for getting close to members would probably work even if Jay B didn’t want it to.

4. GOT7’s Legendary Fights

Even the closest of friends get into fights. It’s just that GOT7 happen to be dramatic with them.

5. Baekhyun’s White Flag When Practice Goes On For Too Long

Jay B might have thought he’d seen everything with GOT7, but Baekhyun would prove him so wrong.

6. Fighting For Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

While Jay B is one of the few who likes mint chocolate ice cream in GOT7, 7/9 of EXO love the flavor.

7. Rock Paper Scissors

Maybe not all their problems, but EXO can fix most of them with rock paper scissors (as long as Kai isn’t playing).

8. The Leader Can’t Escape Tom-And-Jerry Relationships

BamBam‘s way of showing love to the leader is by being a menace.

9. Chanyeol’s Laughing Habits

Chanyeol‘s laughing habits are just like Youngjae‘s, only ten times stronger.

10. If GOT7 Has BamBam, EXO Has Baekhyun

BamBam and Baekhyun are both spoiler kings who fear no one.