7 Gold Medal Moments From GOT7’s Jackson’s Olympic Interview

#3 is wild!

Jackson Wang from GOT7 was recently revealed to be working with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a member of their #StrongerTogether campaign.


This touched the hearts of many iGot7s (also known as Ahgases) as Jackson was a junior Olympic fencer before giving up his fencing career to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

Picture Featured On Jackson’s 2015 Radio Star appearance. | TV-People/YouTube

Now, not only is Jackson an extremely successful artist (and founder of his own record label), but he is also partnering with the Olympics.


As a part of this partnership he filmed a game of Olympic themed 20 questions and his charms were on full display. Check out 7 of the most “gold medal” worthy moments from the interview below:

1. Childhood Gymnastic’s Memories Don’t Always Stick The Landing

Jackson shared some interesting knowledge when asked “What is the white powder used before a weightlifting competition? Magnesium Chalk Powder or Wheat Flour?”


While well known that Jackson was a fencer but it is a lesser known fact that as a child, Jackson also did a bit of gymnastics (which probably helped with GOT7’s early tricking).

However, this early childhood experience didn’t help the rapper here as he adorably attempted to cover his wrong answer.

2. But He Knows His Olympic Trivia

Jackson may not know his chalks but he does know a lot a bout the Olympics. Of the trivia questions he was asked about the Olympics, he only missed the one previously mentioned so we’ll chalk this one up as a victory for Jackson!

3. An Olympian “Tall” Tale

When asked “Which Olympian do you want to meet the most?” Jackson did not hesitate to answer Chinese basketball legend, Yao Ming.

He then revealed that he had seen Yao Ming in person before but they’d never met.

Unfortunately for Jackson, he’d seen Yao Ming on a flight but he’s pretty sure Yao Ming didn’t see him because of their crazy height difference.

4.  Love That Jungle Chess

Jackson decided that if he could, he would add the Chinese board game of Jungle Chess to the Olympics. This game involves strategy as players use their animals to “eat” another player’s animals of lower rank while trying to reach their opponents side of the board.

5. “(Excluding Fencing)”

When asked “If you were going to train for the next Olympics, which sport would you go for (excluding fencing)?“, Jackson first advocated for his newly added sport of “Jungle Chess”.

After thinking about it, he also suggested cheerleading and presenting the medals. Knowing how much energy Jackson has and how supportive Jackson is of his members, these both sound like excellent choices.

6. Podium Thoughts

It’s well known how big of a heart Jackson has and when asked “If you were standing on the Olympic podium, what would you be thinking of?” he let that big heart show.

7. Which Parent Gets The Gold?

To close out the interview, Jackson was asked his toughest question; “If you won an Olympic medal who would you give it to? Dad or Mum?” As to be expected, Jackson assumed this would be a well-deserved gold medal which he clarified was made of pure gold before revealing his decision.

We love seeing Jackson flex his Olympic knowledge and share his thoughts on the games. To see the full interview, check out the video below and let us know what your “gold medal” moment was!

Source: Image and Jungle Chess Explanation