7 Times GOT7’s Jackson Wang Worked With The Kinjaz To Create Masterful Performances

Jackson Wang x The Kinjaz = dance masterpiece

The Kinjaz are a world-famous dance crew, having competed in multiple dance competitions and boasting millions of views on YouTube. They’re also known for their immaculate choreography and have choreographed for multiple K-pop groups, like iKon, GOT7, BTS, SuperM, and more.

Jackson Wang has personally worked with The Kinjaz since 2018, and with their latest performances at Coachella, we’re here to recap some of their iconic choreographies together.

1. Hot Blood Dance Crew Episode 11

Jackson and The Kinjaz knew of each other long before they met in person, and right before they met, Jackson had learned the dance for GOT7’s song, “Look,” which they had choreographed. When The Kinjaz arrived in China, they worked with Jackson on the dance survival show, Hot Blood Dance Crew (HBDC). What’s crazier than the dance Jackson executed in this video is the fact that he performed it while having a fever.

2. Hot Blood Dance Crew Finale

Their collaboration on the show didn’t end there, and The Kinjaz choreography, combined with the amazing dancers, resulted in Jackson and Luhan‘s team winning the “Best Dance Group” of HBDC at the finale.

3. “Titanic”

Jackson and The Kinjaz collaborated again, but this time, for his personal music. They choreographed the dance for “Titanic” on his debut album MIRRORS  and featured in the music video.

4. “100 Ways”

A year after “Titanic”, the dance crew worked with Jackson for his hit single, “100 Ways.” With a beautiful story line and masterful choreography, there’s no surprise why this music video is his most viewed.

5. Street Dance Of China 3 “Hall Of Fame”

For Street Dance of China 3, mentors introduced themselves with a performance showcasing their dance skills. Despite the pandemic preventing The Kinjaz from working with Jackson in person, they were able to teach him the entire routine through video call! Thanks to Jackson’s insane work ethic and The Kinjaz’ connection with Sinostage, a Chinese dance studio, they were able to create this explosive performance.

6. Street Dance Of China 3 “Isis”

With the help of The Kinjaz, Jackson’s team awed the other dancers, mentors, and audience with this powerful performance.

7. “Blow” Coachella Performance

The Kinjaz choreographed Jackson’s latest song, “Blow,” and though they didn’t dance on stage with Jackson as they had many other performances to dance for, including their own sets, they proudly watched from the side as he flawlessly executed the choreography on the main stage.