GOT7’s Jay B And BamBam Love To Tease Each Other, But These 10 Moments Prove That Deep Down, They Adore One Another

Teasing each other is their love language.

GOT7‘s Jay B and BamBam are famous for always teasing each other, whether it be in person or through social media. They’ve even publicly declared that their relationship is the frenemy kind. However, despite all the teasing, Jay B and BamBam share a friendship that reflects their many years together, and these ten moments give a glimpse into how much the two adore each other.

1. The Eyes Of Truth

Jay B might not be able to admit that he misses BamBam out loud, but the way he looks at BamBam with such devotion and care shows that his love for BamBam is deeper than the ocean.

2. “I always want you to be our leader.”

BamBam is so comfortable around Jay B and can tease him without fear because Jay B has constantly been by BamBam’s side, acting as a true older brother to BamBam since they were young.

3. It’s In The Small Moments

After witnessing this moment, fans can’t help but wonder how many times Jay B must have helped BamBam with his Korean and how gentle and patient he must have been through it all.

4. Fooling Around Together

GOT7 have an obsession with the elevator trick, and they brought it back during their HOMECOMING concerts.


JAEBAM ELEVATOR TRICK LMAO #fyp #kpopfyp #kpop #got7 #ahgase #igot7 #bambam #jaebeom #jayb

♬ Yoncé – Atsuko Okatsuka

5. Is it really a punishment, though?

Despite probably having been woken up by Jay B, BamBam still doesn’t hesitate to answer his phone.

6. They’re Constantly In Touch

BamBam is always willing to pick up Jay B’s call, and Jay B is always ready to pick up BamBam’s call. We love frenemies that have each other as the top priority.

7. Jay B is BamBam’s safe place.

Everyone knows that BamBam and Yugyeom are best friends, but the fact that BamBam would also naturally seek comfort with Jay B speaks volumes about their friendship.

8. A Source Of Encouragement

Jay B has been a source of strength for BamBam since the beginning.

9. Funny Selfies Together

True friends take goofy selfies together. Also, GOT7 as a whole just hasn’t bothered maintaining their idol image since, well, ever. And Ahgases love them for it.


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♬ Hua Ror Tee Lhang – Mama Blues

10. Playing Hard To Get

Even though it looks like Jay B’s the one invading BamBam’s space, BamBam was the one to pull Jay B into his lap in the first place.