Jay B Proves It’s “7 Or Nothing” For GOT7 With His Impressions Of His Members Then Vs. Now

“…It made me want to cry because I was so proud of them.”

GOT7‘s Jay B has made his solo debut with his album, SOMO: FUME, and as part of his promotions he stopped by BuzzFeed to share some of his “firsts” as a part of their First Times series.

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Jay B was asked about a whole range of fun firsts including everything from his first kiss to his first thirsty fan encounter. There was one first that was incredibly heartwarming to hear Jay B talk about; “First Impression Of Your GOT7 Bandmates.”

1. BamBam & Yugyeom

Jay B decided to start with the maknae line for the group when sharing his first impressions. “I found BamBam really cute,” he shared.

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Jay B then continued to talk about BamBam like a proud father, saying

Because I’ve seen him since he was so small. Watching him growing up, and starting his solo career. Wow, I feel like I’ve raised my own child. It makes me very proud, especially since he was one of the youngest of the group.

-Jay B

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Talking about BamBam also brought the group’s youngest member to his mind. “…also Yugyeom. They were so young when I met them and now they’re starting their solo careers before me,” Jay B said.

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While some might be a bit upset to have their youngest members beat them to such an accomplishment, Jay B admitted instead “That makes me so proud, to know they’re still working hard and doing well.”

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2. Youngjae

The next member Jay B talked about was Youngjae, sharing that he “used to see him as [his] biological little brother.”

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Jay B them touchingly added,”So I always wanted to guide and lead him because he reminded me so much of my younger self.”

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“And before I know it, he’s hosting his own musical,” he said with pride.

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Before finishing talking about his maknae line, Jay B emotionally shared that “Maybe it’s because they were the youngest ones, but it made me want to cry because I was so proud of them.”

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3. Jinyoung

Jinyoung and Jay B initally debuted together as a group called JJ Project so the pair have a special relationship.

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When talking about Jinyoung, Jay B couldn’t help but rave about his work ethic saying:

As for Jinyoung, I was so amazed at how hardworking and diligent he was. We became each other’s inspirations, just working extra hard, for ourselves and each other. I saw him as a good partner who synergized well with me.

-Jay B

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4. Jackson

Jackson is known for his stage presence and bright personality which has been there all along according to Jay B.

From the moment Jackson walked through the door, first thing he says is ‘Yo what’s up!’ It definitely took me by surprise. It left me speechless.

-Jay B

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Jay B happily revealed that overtime Jackson has maintained that same welcoming energy, saying “I don’t think Jackson changed too much as he aged, he was always energetic from when I first met him.

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Jay B even admitted he admired Jackson’s outgoing personality. He said “It was nice seeing someone so social, because I’m quite reserved myself. And I wanted to be more like him in certain aspects.

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5. Mark

It’s well known amongst Ahgases that Mark and Jay B didn’t have the easiest of beginnings to their relationship. In Jay B’s words, “Mark and I have a weird relationship. It’s an odd affection for him.”

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There is a well known story amongst fans of the pair fighting while at the studio. Jay B revealed that this fight changed his perspective on Mark, saying

After arguing for sometime, I realized how difficult it can be for him. It hadn’t been long since Mark arrived to Korea, where he has to learn a new language, as well as being alone, apart from his parents. Once I realized how difficult it must be in his situation, I couldn’t help but be sorry.

-Jay B

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6. GOT7

While Jay B wasn’t asked specifically to talk about his initial thoughts on his whole group, he couldn’t help but express that there were originally concerns, sharing “I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but when GOT7 first got together some of us thought it wouldn’t work out.”

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Jay B shared his strength as leader when telling BuzzFeed what he said to his members next.

I remember crying and telling them, no matter what happens, I can’t ever leave you guys. After everything we’ve all been through together already, if anyone quits or can’t make it, I’m going to fight for you. I don’t know if that was too serious or not, but that’s how I remember it.

-Jay B

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After 7 years, GOT7 continues to remain together, in large part thanks to the strength of their leader. We can’t help but feel touched by how proud Jay B is of his group. What are your thoughts on Jay B’s first impressions? Let us know and to see his full interview, check out the video below: