10 Moments That Prove GOT7 Jay B’s Endless Love And Devotion Toward GOT7 As Their Leader

GOT7 is Jay B’s everything.

GOT7‘s Jay B is a pillar of strength for GOT7 as their unshakeable leader, and thanks to his fierce devotion towards the team, they’ve been able to stand firmly on their own after leaving JYP Entertainment. These 10 moments reveal Jay B’s touching thoughts and actions as a leader, proving why he’s the best leader for GOT7.

1. Being GOT7’s leader is engrained into Jay B’s soul.

Jay B is prepared to stay with GOT7 forever.

2. I can forget everything but you.

Is anyone else crying?

3. He puts GOT7 first and foremost.

Jay B will fight for GOT7, even if he has to go against the world.


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4. Even in his next life, he wants to be GOT7’s leader.

Jay B has endless pride and love for GOT7 that can’t be contained in a single lifetime.

5. Group Hug

The love and appreciation Jay B has for his members is so strong that no words are needed.

6. Jay B’s sacrifice and devotion towards GOT7 don’t go unnoticed.

Along with the rest of the members, Jackson makes sure to shower Jay B with all the flowers and recognition Jay B deserves.


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7. Jay B Always Encourages His Members

GOT7 may be chaotic, testing Jay B’s patience sometimes, but he’s the first to compliment the members no matter the occasion.

8. GOT7’s love messages for Jay B.

Every member of GOT7 is deeply thankful for Jay B and his leadership that holds the group together.

9. His eyes hold an ocean of love.

It’s the little things he does for GOT7 and Ahgases that make him such a fantastic leader.

10. Jay B’s heartfelt messages for his members.

Jay B is GOT7’s number one supporter, even during their solo activities, but he can’t help but miss them when they’re apart, and his messages to them show just how close GOT7 are as a family.