GOT7’s Jay B Reveals How He Feels About 7 Of His Most Hilarious Memes And Moments

“To be honest, It’s a little embarrassing, yeah.”

As a K-Pop idol, most of GOT7‘s Jay B‘s adult life has been posted on the internet for better or for worse. As a part of Esquire‘s I Hate Watching Myself series, Jay B took the time to sit down and review some of his most famous memes and moments from all of his years as an idol so far.


1. “Bounce” – JJ Project

To start off the segment, Jay B was faced with his debut as JJ Project alongside fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung. After a burst of laughter, Jay B asked “haven’t we seen enough now?”

JJ Project “Bounce” | GOT7/YouTube 
“Alright, haven’t we seen enough now?”

He did continue to explain that he “just can’t stand it a bit” and explained the concept away as “youthful energy”.

“Just can’t stand it a bit. Youthful energy, that’s what it is. Yeah, that’s what it must be.” 

“Flashy isn’t really my style,” he said before conceding that “it was a challenge. Good challenge.”


2.  “I’m not cute, I’m sexy”

I’m not cute, I’m sexy” are words that often come to mind when you ask iGOT7s (also known as ahgases) to describe the group’s leader. This came from a viral airport interaction that launched the meme.

This was the funniest one in the bunch to Jay B and he even requested the video be played again!

“This is the funniest one, though. Should we watch it again?” 

He explained that it started as him just joking around but became a sentence he frequently repeated.

“I was just playing around but then it ended up becoming like that. You know, sometimes you can get in the mood to mess around?” 

He did admit that “it’s a little embarrassing,” before going on to say “I don’t regret it, though. Because it’s a fun episode.”

“To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing, yeah. I don’t regret it, though. Because it’s a fun episode.” 

3. Jay B does a fan’s makeup

For a Dingo video in 2018, Jay B attempted to do a fans makeup with attempted being the keyword.

| dingo global DGG/YouTube 

Jay B implied that the fan was so happy that she didn’t notice his lack of skill with makeup.

“Usually people kinda have a feeling or suspicion but it seemed she really had no idea. She was so happy that it also made me feel good.” 

He then explained that if he could do it again he’d “learn how to do make-up. And maybe do it better…”

“The only thing is that if I were to go back and do it again, I’d learn how to do make-up. And maybe do it better…” 

Jay B ended the review of this segment in the most honest way possible. He looked straight into the camera and simply said “I… did bad.”

“I…did bad.” 

4. A “Touching” Weekly Idol Moment

While Esquire introduced this interview as Jay B being uncomfortable watching himself, he definitely shows confidence in owning up to what he’s done. They next showed him a clip of an appearance on Weekly Idol where he approached co-host Defconn and grabbed his face in a tender way.

Jay B explained that even though the caption said “a dark chapter in history”  he doesn’t consider it to be so.

“If you look it says ‘a dark chapter in history’ but I don’t consider that moment a dark chapter.” 

Jay B did admit that he wasn’t fond of all the falling down he did on the show “because it was so embarrassing”.

“If I’m remembering correctly, I really didn’t like it. The falling down and stuff because it was so embarrassing.” 

5. The Miniskirt

GOT7 became known for their girl group covers at their Fly concerts where they performed songs like Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb” and AOA‘s “Miniskirt” in full wig and costume.

| GOT7/YouTube 

During one performance of “Miniskirt”, Jay B decided to breakout his b-boy moves… in a miniskirt!

I had to do that,” Jay B responded after watching the clip back. He explained that it was a service to the fans and compared the memory to that of a summer vacation.

“I had to do that.” 

When considering whether he’d dress up as a girl again, Jay B explained that “I’d do it looking even prettier than there in that video.”

“If I had to dress up like a girl again… Something I’d have to think about. I’m not saying I can’t do it. I mean, I’d do it looking even prettier than there in that video.” 

6. Victory Makeup

Many K-Pop groups will promise to do something special for their fans if they get first place on a music show and GOT7 is no exception. During promotions for their song “Look”, GOT7 promised to perform their encore with each member putting on blush and tying their hair up into a ponytail if they won.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube 

When watching back this encore stage, Jay B was initially at a loss for words. He then admitted that he’d never rewatched this stage before.

“What should I say?” 

He explained that he thought the idea was fun before asking “…should we have done something more outrageous?”

“I do think…should we have done something more outrageous?” 

7. Leather Suit

Esquire ended Jay B’s interview by showing him a fancam of himself from GOT7’s “You Calling My Name” promotions.

After watching the video, Jay B explained that he’s “never half-assed. Even if it’s not my own lyrics,” before explaining that this era was a time where he was struggling mentally.

“Even if it’s not my own lyrics, I feel them out and think a lot about them.” 

He then addressed the leather elephant in the room. “But honestly, this outfit isn’t one I personally really like” he said before sharing he preferred the silk suits the group wore to the leather ones associated with the comeback.

“But honestly, this outfit isn’t one I personally really like. There was another outfit for this album that was blue and kinda silky.” 

“They just had to play this video, huh…yeah…”

“They just had to play this video, huh…yeah…” 

Jay B’s honest thoughts on some of his most embarrassing moments are so charming. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll share during his promotions for his first solo mini album to be released on August 26. To see the rest of what Jay B had to say, check out the video below!

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