10+ Of The Sassiest Things Jinyoung Has Ever Done To GOT7 Fans

Even fans aren’t safe from Jinyoung’s sass attacks.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is forever being savage to his members, but even fans aren’t safe from his sass attacks. Here are 10+ times when Jinyoung took his savageness to a new level with iGOT7!


1. When he corrected this fan’s grammar


2. When he flicked a fan’s heart away


3. When he ignored a fan’s “I love you” by pretending to take a call


4. When he crossed out iGOT7’s love for him


5. When he imitated fans’ singing


6. When he batted the word “oppa” out of the air


7. “I know my name.”


8. When he not so subtly told fans to hurry up…


9. …and stop wasting his time


10. When he judged the username “Mark and Me”. Hard.


11. BONUS: That time a fan out-savaged him, using a poem