9 Times GOT7’s Jinyoung Was A True Gentleman, Proving That Manners Maketh Man

Being a gentleman is simply part of his nature.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is full of charms, both as an idol and as an actor. While he’s well-known for being sassy and playful, Jinyoung is a true gentleman, and it shines through even in his smallest actions.

Here are nine times Jinyoung reminded everyone that manners maketh man.

1. Saving An Elderly Lady

Jinyoung’s fast reflexes helped him prevent a major accident, and he even stopped to ask if the lady was okay before moving on.

2. Protecting Fans From Passing Cars

The safety of Ahgases is the top priority for Jinyoung.


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3. Protecting Red Velvet‘s Irene

Jinyoung naturally puts his body in the way of the camera to give Red Velvet‘s Irene some privacy.

4. His Sweet Consideration Towards His Co-Stars

Whether onscreen or offscreen, Jinyoung makes sure his co-stars are well taken care of.


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5. When You Can’t Offer A Blanket, Improvise.

The way he gently places the box on her lap shows how caring he is.

6. Protecting Kim Go Eun‘s Eyes From The Sun

The fact that it’s a natural mannerism makes Jinyoung ten times more attractive.

7. Helping The Staff

Jinyoung takes care of everyone around him.

8. Jinyoung Gives Happiness To Others

His small gestures allow for the most precious experiences.


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9. An Idol With The Best Manners

In an interview asking several entertainment reporters which male idol had the best manners, Jinyoung was the only one that came to mind for one of the reporters.