7 Reasons GOT7’s Whole Fandom Is Falling In Love With Mark’s Father

Everyone is crazy about Mark’s Dad

GOT7 fans should all be familiar with Mark’s father, Raymond Tuan, who has proven himself as possibly the biggest IGOT7 ever. In fact, he’s built a strong following on Twitter, where he shares snapshots of his life and constantly shows support for GOT7. Fans have even coined the affectionate name “Papa Tuan” for him, and the hashtag #papatuan is becoming more popular on both Instagram and Twitter!

Here are just some of the reasons fans are falling in love with him:


1. He collects merchandise

2. He looks for GOT7 everywhere

3. He loves IGOT7


Mark’s dad with GOT7 fans in LA.

4. He loves and supports GOT7

5. He knows all the inside jokes

6. He posts fan accounts

7. He’s not afraid to embarrass his son