Here’s What We Know About All 12 Siblings Of GOT7’s Members

One member is an only child!

With GOT7 departed from JYP Entertainment, it seems like many of the members have had the opportunity to spend more time with their family than they have in a long time, which is wonderful to see! Between the seven members of the group, they have a total of twelve siblings — and that’s even with one of them being an only child! Here’s what we know about all the brothers and sisters of GOT7’s members, some of whom are much more public than others.

1. Jay B

Jay B is the only member of GOT7 that’s an only child!

2. Mark

Mark comes from a rather large family, with two older sisters and one younger brother! His oldest sister, Tammy, is 14 years older than Mark, and his other sister, Grace, is 10 years older than him. His brother, Joey, is 3 years younger than Mark!

The entire family has been very openly supportive of Mark’s idol career (especially his dad!), though the rest of his siblings live pretty normal lives. Tammy is married with three children, who are absolutely adorable!


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Grace is a talented photographer, and she often shares her pictures on her Instagram account!


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Joey has a YouTube account, and seems to enjoy gaming! He also has an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers, and posts artistic photos as well as just pictures of his everyday life.


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Since Mark came back home to Los Angeles, he’s been spending plenty of family time together with his siblings and parents!


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3. Jackson

Jackson is one of only two members of GOT7 that just has a single sibling: An older brother! There’s little known about his elder siblings, except that he has an adorable daughter named Aimee and lives in Australia.

There’s no doubt that Jackson must be a great uncle to his niece!

4. Jinyoung

Jinyoung is one of several members of GOT7 that has two older sisters! Their names are Soo Young, who is five years older than him, and Bo Young, who is three years older.

Though neither of them are very public about their lives, Bo Young does have an Instagram account, where she shares all kinds of interesting, artsy, and funny images, and has even shared pictures of the siblings when they were younger!


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The three of them seem to be very close, and there’s no denying that beautiful visuals run in their family!

5. Youngjae

Youngjae also has two older siblings, but he has an older sister and an older brother! Not a lot is known about them, but there was a hilarious instance where his sister was heard to have the exact same laugh that Youngjae does!

It turns out that Youngjae’s brother is actually a vocal trainer, and even helped the K-Pop idol to practice his skills — no wonder Youngjae has such a beautiful voice! He got married in December of 2019, where he showcased his own vocal abilities that wowed listeners.

6. BamBam

Like Mark, BamBam comes from a large family, with two older brothers and one younger sister! His brothers’ names are Beer and Bank, and his sister’s name is Baby. While they also have longer Thai names, the reason behind Bank and Beer’s names are quite funny — Beer was named after his father’s love of alcohol, and Bank was named because their mother wanted to give him a name that would bring him a lot of money!

All of the siblings are reportedly very talented dancers, so it’s no wonder that BamBam himself picked up the skill as well. Bank shares some of his dances on his Instagram account, where he has nearly 200,000 followers.


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Baby is also very active on social media, and has nearly 350,00 people following her!


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Beer got engaged to his girlfriend back in 2019, and BamBam was even there when the proposal happened!

These four siblings are obviously very close, and we hope they’re able to spend more quality time together these days!

7. Yugyeom

And finally, Yugyeom has just one sibling: An older brother! He has pretty much stayed entirely out of the spotlight, so little is known about him besides his name — Euigyeom — but it’s great that Yugyeom has respected his privacy.