Here’s how each member of GOT7 looks without makeup

These boys never fail to impress!

Newbies to K-Pop may be a little surprised to find that male idols will often wear makeup. The farther you get into the K-Pop universe, the more normal you think it is. At some point you’ll be extremely surprised and excited to see your favorite idols without any makeup on at all! You may not even be able to get over how hot they are without makeup like GOT7!


1. JB

His eye-makeup serves to enhance his gorgeous eyes. The group’s leader could knock someone over with a feather he looks so good!


How is it possible that he still looks this good with a bare face?


2. Mark

Mark’s handsome looks are killing it! Interestingly, the oldest member tends to go for light makeup that sets hearts ablaze.


And yet without any makeup on he’s still absurdly good-looking and still captures everyone’s heart!


3. Jackson

There always seems to be a lot of focus on Jackson’s unbelievably ripped body, but sometimes it’s nice to just appreciate his handsome looks.


Thanks to Law Of The Jungle, we got to see Jackson in all his makeup-less glory. Who could forget Jackson with a little bit of stubble and a whole lot of hot?


4. Jinyoung

Jinyoung is known for his wonderful voice, awesome dance skills, and fantastic fashion sense. He also kills fans with his aesthetics.


While Jinyoung looks great with makeup, he really doesn’t need it. He’s still a visual king!


5. Youngjae

Youngjae melts hearts with his incredible voice but he can give heart attacks with his looks. Unluckily for fans, his makeup game just seems to enhance his visuals.


Although it seems that without makeup his visuals are enhanced too! How can this be possible?


6. BamBam

BamBam could make any guy want to try makeup because he looks so fly. He seriously looks so good and no matter what look he tries, it still looks amazing on him!


While it’s a little more rare to see him sans makeup, his visuals don’t disappoint and will drive fans wild.


7. Yugyeom

Yugyeom likes to highlight his beautiful eyes and you really can’t blame him.


Even without makeup, his eyes still sparkle and you can’t help but admire his flawless skin. What a visual!


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